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If you are looking for a reliable air conditioner replacement contractor you have come to the right place. Our experienced technicians can accurately assess your situation and provide you with the best air conditioning solution in order to keep you comfortable all summer long. We are here to help you choose an affordable new unit that fits your home’s cooling requirements. We are able to work within your budget and provide complete financing and rebate support. In addition to AC replacement Bell Brothers also offers repair and maintenance packages helping you protect your investment for years to come.

A/C Replacement Financing for all credit typesWhy Choose Bell Brothers for Replacement and Air Conditioner Installation?

We are a local family-owned business and have been servicing client in the Sacramento metropolitan area for more than 20 years. No Surprises, hidden fees or fine print. The quote that we give you upfront is what you will pay. If after the quote additional issues come up, all the additional work and cost are on us. We back all our work with a 100% buy back guarantee, so you can feel comfortable doing business with us. Our finance programs make investing in your home easy. We offer affordable plans on our equipment, making it possible for you, the homeowner, to upgrade your air conditioning system and start enjoying the monthly energy savings right away without having to worry about paying everything at once. With all the money you stand to save on your monthly bills, making your monthly payments becomes quite reasonable. Take advantage of today’s safe, clean and energy efficient technology. It is more affordable than you think.  Contact us at 916-444-1234 today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced HVAC technicians.

How Do You Know When You Need Air Conditioner Replacement? If you are not quite certain that your air conditioner needs to be repaired or replaced, below is a checklist of signs that can help you decide. While some of these can result from other issues that only involve simple repairs, a lot of them are good hints that your air conditioning unit is on its last leg and will soon have to be replaced. Part of the integrity of our service is that if we see that a system may not be worth continuing to invest in, we will always give you the options of repair and/or replace. We will never pressure you either way; it is our job to provide you with the tools to make the best decision for your Family.

If you find yourself repairing your unit every season – more than one time per season you may want to have the unit assessed to see if you will be better off having it replaced. If no replacement is necessary, professional yearly maintenance can extend the life of your unit.

If you find your energy bills increasing – Higher energy bills can be a sign of inefficiency of the air conditioning unit. Sometimes this can be something simple like a disconnected duct, other times it is a sign your system is working too hard and not producing the same results it did when it was newer. Today HVAC systems are made with efficiency in mind. Older models can be an energy hog that you may want to consider upgrading.

If your unit has been running for over 12 years and you are starting to see issues surface or you find that temperatures greatly vary from room to room.

If the AC unit is not cooling the home properly – if it has been running for a while but the entire house is still warm and no windows and doors are open. This might be a filter related issue so turn the unit off, check the filter and remove any lint or debris that may be trapped, re-install the filter and turn the AC back on. If after a few minutes there is still no change in temperature give Bell Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning a call, we will be glad to diagnose the issue.

If you see fluids leaking out of the unit –Leaks are a good sign that some of the important parts of your air conditioner are failing.

If your unit starts making strange sounds – that could be an issue with your motor, but having a technician or utility company out to look at it is advised

If cold air is coming out of the unit but it is not blowing as strongly as it should.

A/C Replacement Offer *based on approved credit andtype of HVAC upgrades


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