air conditioner needing replacement in sacramentoDo you have an air conditioner that is ready to be replaced? At Bell Brothers, we know that it can get hot in Sacramento no matter what time of year it is. That’s why we are always ready to get your A/C replacement done as fast as possible, so you never have to roast at home again. Not sure if it’s time to do an air conditioning replacement? We’d be happy to come to you, evaluate your current unit, and let you know whether it’s time for a new one.

How to Know if You Need A/C Replacement Right Now

If your old air conditioner isn’t working and we can’t fix it, then it’s clear that it’s time to get a new one. However, there are some other situations where you might want to consider air conditioner replacement even if your current one is technically still working. If all or some of these are true for you, think about getting a new A/C soon.

  • Your air conditioner doesn’t cool as well as it used to. All air conditioners lose their cooling ability as they get older. If yours has lost so much that it’s not keeping you at the temperature where you want to be, then an A/C replacement is probably your best option for continuing to stay cool at home.
  • Your air conditioner is old. Many A/Cs are designed with a lifespan of somewhere between 10 and 20 years. We can tell you what yours is once we see the make and model that you have. If yours is older than that, then you will likely see a big difference in both comfort and energy savings if you go with a newer model.
  • Your air conditioner uses older coolant. Up until just a few years ago, air conditioners were made with coolants that have since been outlawed by the federal government. If your A/C uses one of these older coolants and it needs a coolant refresh or replacement, we won’t be allowed to do it. Instead, you’ll need to think about an air conditioning replacement instead.
  • Your air conditioner costs you a lot. Some air conditioners seem to accumulate small repairs over the years. If you are spending time, energy, and money on these types of fixes every few months or even every year, it may be in your best interests to just replace the unit entirely, before something even larger breaks down.

Replacing Your A/C With Bell Brothers

When you call us in Sacramento, you’ll talk to someone from our scheduling staff first. They will find a time that’s convenient for you when one of our skilled staff members can come out and look at your air conditioner. They may ask you a few questions so the tech can arrive fully informed.

Our technicians always arrive on time. When you meet our tech, you’ll notice his or her politeness first. Be prepared to talk about:

  • The size of your home
  • How often you use your A/C
  • Your budget for your replacement A/C
  • Your energy-saving preferences

All of this will help the tech find the perfect A/C for you and your family. After speaking to you briefly, your tech will look at what it will take to get you your air conditioning replacement soon.

We’ll handle everything, from ordering your new unit to overseeing its delivery and, finally, to installing it according to the manufacturer’s standards. We’ll make sure it’s working and leave you with any instructions you need.

Call us about your A/C replacement in Sacramento today!