Bell Bros 30 Point Furnace Tune-Up

Furnace Tune Up

Bell Brothers 30 point furnace tune-up is a thorough cleaning and calibration of your Heater or Furnace. One of the best things about choosing us to perform this service is our buy back guarantee. If you purchase a seasonal tune-up and your system breaks down within one years’ time, we will buy back your tune-up investment or credit that price toward your repair. That is how confident we are that a furnace tune-up from Bell Brothers is truly a preventative maintenance.

What Manufacturers say about a Furnace Tune Up

Manufacturers and Utility Companies agree that performing an annual maintenance will elongate the life of your HVAC system and prevent unnecessary breakdowns. The cost to replace an HVAC system can be steep, so it just makes sense to protect that investment by caring for it like you would any other investment. If you bought a new car you would change the owl and rotate the tires regularly, because ignoring those simple things could lead to costly repairs. According to this article by Angie’s List, it is important to have your furnace checked and cleaned at least once per year. The main reason is for the safety of everyone in your home. Gas furnaces are complicated machines with many working parts. One of the benefits of having a well trained, licensed professional inspect your furnace, is that you will have peace of mind through the year.

What is covered in the 30 point furnace tune up?

furnace tune-up

Does your air filter look like this?

Below are some of the things that we will cover in a 30-Point furnace tune-up. For the complete list give us a call at 916-444-1234 or book an appointment below. A 30-point furnace tune-up from Bell Brothers will take anywhere from 60-90 minutes. Our professional service, affordable pricing and buy back guarantee are great reasons to schedule an appointment today!

  • Inspect furnace safety
    Calibrate thermostat(s)
    check proper cycle and temperature
    Inspect and tighten wiring
    Inspect contacts
    Inspect heat exchanger
    Remove all covers and returns for inspection
    Inspect blower motor
    Inspect air flow
    Inspect filters
    Check burners

And more…

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