Why Elk Grove Plumbing and Sewer Inspections Are a Must

A friend of mine has adult kids. Well, adults on paper, anyway. My buddy’s kids all still live at home, and, as a result, he’s always complaining that they aren’t interested enough in moving out and getting their own places anytime soon. They all have jobs, so employment isn’t the problem. No, he says his kids tell them that the housing market is too expensive these days and that renting an apartment is like throwing their money away.

My friend’s kids are part of the so-called “millennial generation,” which is why I recently cut out an article for him that I read in the newspaper. Turns out that my buddy’s kids are kind of an aberration. See, my friend lives in Elk Grove which, according to the article, is the number one city in the country for homeowners under the age of 35. My friend was blown away. I, however, was not all that surprised. We’ve been getting a lot of calls lately from first-time homeowners who don’t exactly understand why Elk Grove plumbing and sewer inspections are a must.  

To be fair, it’s not just millennials asking this question, although they do make up the majority. Anyway, the whole thing reminded me that when you buy a new house, or even when you’ve been in the same place for a while, regular plumbing and sewer inspections are a good idea. Otherwise, you could suddenly find yourself facing a crisis—think sewage backing up in your bathtub or a burst pipe flooding your yard—a crisis that could have been avoided.

What an Elk Grove Plumbing and Sewer Home Inspection Entails

elk grove plumbing and sewer inspections Now, that article said young homeowners are flocking to Elk Grove because there’s a strong job market in nearby Sacramento and close proximity to the Bay Area, which young people love, even though they can’t often afford to live there. So, millennial homeowners live in Elk Grove and spend lots of time in Sac and San Francisco. But, spending time away from home doesn’t mean you can ignore homeowner responsibilities. No, getting an Elk Grove home plumbing and sewer inspection is still something you need to take care of.

…they involve having a professional plumber inspect your drains and fixtures for signs of problems—leaks and slow drainage being the most common.

To understand why these inspections are so necessary, you first have to understand what they consist of. Basically, they involve having a professional plumber inspect your drains and fixtures for signs of problems—leaks and slow drainage being the most common. They will also use special equipment to do a video sewer inspection, which takes a much closer look at what’s going on beneath your house whether you’ve just bought it, you’re thinking of buying it, or you’ve owned your home for years.

Video inspections are valuable because they use the latest technology to find weak or leaking pipes, obstructions that may be building up and headed for a clog, or roots that have started to grow in ways that are interfering with your plumbing, all of which have the potential to cause a plumbing emergency, like a ruptured pipe or a sewage backup.

Why Plumbing and Sewer Inspections for Elk Grove Homeowners Is Crucial

There are a few reasons these plumbing and sewer inspections are so important, including:

  • Safety: I’ve talked a lot about plumbing storm preparedness tips to keep your pipes from backing up when it rains. One of the main reasons you want to keep sewage from backing up into your home, whether it be into your shower, toilet, sinks or bathtub, is safety. Sewage is inherently laden with bacteria that can make you and your family sick. Getting a plumbing and sewer inspection is a great way to guard against this, thereby keeping your family safe.
  • Inconvenience: There is no good time to have a plumbing problem. A burst pipe, a sewage backup, or even a drain that stops working and puts one of your showers out of commission can be pretty inconvenient in the midst of our busy lives. Get a sewer and plumbing inspection to avoid these nasty surprises.
  • Cost savings: The major reason I hear for not getting a plumbing or sewer inspection is the cost, especially in Elk Grove with all the first time homeowners who can be caught off guard by all the expenses related to owning a new house. What’s important to remember here, though, is that a ruptured pipe or other plumbing emergency is a lot costlier than a simple inspection.  
  • Environmental sustainability: I’ve discussed Elk Grove water conservation tips for drought conditions before, but I want to reiterate that a great way to make sure your house is not using too much water is by conducting a video inspection to make sure there is not an unseen leak somewhere in your home’s plumbing, one that’s wasting water without your awareness.

I actually told my friend, the one who wants his millennials to move out of his house, about all these young people who have new homes and don’t know why Elk Grove plumbing and sewer inspections are a must. The funny thing is that he actually hadn’t had his own pipes checked in recent years.

My point is that it’s not just youngsters who are neglecting this important part of home maintenance. Getting these video sewer inspections isn’t something you need to do every year, like an HVAC or AC check-up, but it is a prudent move, especially after rainy winters like the one we just had in Elk Grove which sent so much water pouring into our plumbing and sewers that the infrastructure was drastically stressed and tested. So, yes, I feel for my friend, who is the rare Elk Grove homeowner whose millennial children still live at home. But, as long as they’re there, I think he should set a good example by getting his pipes inspected.

Get your long overdue plumbing and sewer inspection today. Contact the plumbing professionals at Bell Brothers to schedule yours now.

Image courtesy Unsplash user Catt Lui