Good Deeds For Free

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How Can We Make Your Day Better?

Good Deeds For Free℠ Make Everyone Happier…
And That’s Why We Love Doing Them.

It seems like getting even the average service experience from any company is getting harder and harder. Forget about someone going the extra mile – you feel lucky to get minimal friendliness.

At Bell Brothers, we decided to fight this trend and go in the exact opposite direction. We don’t want you to receive an average service experience – we want to deliver the kind of experience that leaves you with a huge smile.

That’s the inspiration behind Good Deeds For Free℠.

What Are Good Deeds For Free℠?

Good Deeds For Free℠ happen when our technicians find small ways to give our clients and our community a helping hand without wanting or expecting anything in return.

What kind of things do we mean exactly?

Well, we’ve been known to…

  • Sweep floors
  • Find lost dogs
  • Repair bikes
  • Jump a car battery
  • Loosen lids on jars
  • Fix doorbells
  • Bring birthday treats
  • Bring in (or take out) garbage cans
  • Move heavy boxes
  • And a bunch of other things it would take forever to list!

In other words, if you need something done that would add a smile to your day and make your cares feel a little lighter, we want to do it for you!

Good Deeds For The Community, Too

Good Deeds aren’t just for our clients. We give to charities with our time, treasure, and talent. We also have been known to help stranded motorists with flat tires, give food to the hungry, and even help neighbors of our clients with small acts of kindness. Good Deeds For Free℠ are contagious!

Why We Do Good Deeds For Free℠

Why do we put so much emphasis on our technicians doing Good Deeds For Free℠?

First, we want your service experience to be more than just okay… and more than good… we want it to be ‘WOW!’ It’s our way to show respect to you and to say we truly appreciate your business.

Second, it’s something that our technicians enjoy doing; they say it makes their jobs more satisfying. When asked, our friendly techs often say it makes their day as much as it makes their client’s day.

And, lastly, it just makes everyone smile more. Nothing wrong with that!

So… How Can We Make Your Day Better?

The bottom line of why we do Good Deeds For Free℠ is it’s about making your day better. So how can we do that for you? Be sure to tell us when our friendly technician knocks on your door.

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