Window Leaks When It Rains? How to Seal Windows Against Loomis’ Wet Winter

January 13th, 2017
window leaks when it rains loomis

Sometimes, there’s nothing like a good rain storm—the gray skies creating the illusion of dusk while the soft rumble of thunder is the music of the world. There’s just something about the untamed immensity of weather that reminds you of the security and comfort that our homes provide us—and why it’s so important to make…

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Plumbing Tips to Protect Your Home from a Flood in Fair Oaks This Winter

January 6th, 2017
Plumbing Tips to Protect Your Home from a Flood

We’ve been experiencing a lot of soggy weather in Fair Oaks lately—and it’s not over. While the weather forecast may not be certain, one thing we do know is that the river is about to rise—the Bureau of Reclamation has made the decision to increase the water releases from the Folsom Lake. I thought it…

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