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Can I Use Duct Tape to Fix My Ducts?

Can I Use Duct Tape to Fix My Ducts?

Can I Use Duct Tape to Fix My DuctsWe’re here to share a hard truth, duct tape does not live up to its name. As the name would imply, many people believe this tape is the cure-all to any household problems. Broken broomstick? Use duct tape! What about fixing a tent or even removing a wart? Duct tape has you covered. But, when it comes to your HVAC, you should never use duct tape to fix your ductwork. We frequently hear questions about duct tape and how they can use it on their HVAC systems. In this case, just because you can use it doesn’t mean you should. Today, we’re telling you why you shouldn’t use duct tape to your seal ducts.

Duct Tape Should Never be Used for Ductwork

This sticky solution can adhere to the toughest of surfaces; unfortunately, air ducts are not one of them. The tape is not engineered to withstand extreme temperatures changes—like the ones that happen during a heat cycle. Air ducts were made to handle a huge amount of heat. On the contrary, duct tape cannot. Over time, regular heat cycling can cause the adhesive in duct tape to break down and disintegrate. This leads to the duct tape falling off or getting into the ductwork itself. Additionally, condensation from so many temperature changes can make duct tape weak and break apart.

Using Duct Tape Can Cost You Money

Leaking ductwork is one way to ensure your energy bills will be higher than normal. When treated air is lost through cracks and holes in your ductwork, your HVAC system runs on double duty to try and make up for that lost air. Not only will this make your bills go up, it also puts unnecessary wear and tear on your system. Using duct tape to seal any holes and cracks in your ductwork can provide a temporary fix, but it’s not the right solution. Despite this, the fix won’t last long. With enough HVAC use, the duct tape will get brittle and start to disintegrate. Instead of repeating this cycle, it may be time to call your HVAC professional.

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