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Drafty Window Solutions to Avoid Energy Loss

Drafty Window Solutions to Avoid Energy Loss

Drafty Window SolutionsAs the temperature outside continues to drop, we’re sure your furnace is being put to good use. No matter how new or how energy efficient your heating system is, drafty windows could disrupt your entire comfort during this winter. If your home has drafty windows, you could easily lose between 25% and 30% of your treated air. To prevent this from happing we’re sharing drafty window solutions to avoid energy loss.

Find the Leak

Before you apply any drafty window solutions, you must first find the draft. We have two methods for detecting air leaks. On a windy day, light a candle inside your home. Carry that candle from window to window. Place it in front of the window and see if the flame moves. If the flame flickers are looks like it’s moving in the breeze, chances are you have a drafty window. The second method also requires a windy day and a piece of tissue paper. When the winds are whipping, hold a piece of tissue paper to the inside of your windows. If you see it ruffle or move, you know the window has some leaks.

Draft Snakes

Wondering what a draft snake is? It’s a long tube of fabric filled with rice or a different, durable filling. These “snakes” are placed at the bottom of your windows or doors and helps stop drafts from coming through the cracks. They can be purchased online or made at home. To make it at home all you need is a knee sock and some rice, but the DIY options are limitless when it comes to size, color, shape, and filling.

Caulk the Outside

If you feel a draft coming through one of your windows, first check the outside of the window. While caulking is one of the best drafty window solutions, it can degrade over time. Because of this, even if you caulked a window last year, it’s best to take a look at it and make sure it doesn’t need a second go. During the inspection, if you see any visible cracks, caulking may be a solution, but most likely not a permanent one.

Weatherstrip the Inside

After you’ve covered any cracks outside, it’s time to create a seal inside. This can easily be done by weatherstripping the gaps around your windows and doors. Don’t be afraid to DIY this one, there’s weatherstripping that is so easy to put on it doesn’t require nails.

Embrace Curtains

There are many times when décor can be fun and functional, your curtains are a prime example. While curtains are great for privacy, they can also be a solution for drafty windows. When the weather starts to dip, consider buying heavier curtains that will help reduce any airflow coming from drafty windows.

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