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Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips

Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips

HVAC maintenance tipsIt finally feels like fall in Sacramento. As temperatures start to dip for good, we know everyone is getting ready to fall into comfort mode. Before you get too cuddled up, you need to ask yourself, is your home ready for the upcoming winter? If you can’t answer that question, read on to see our essential fall HVAC maintenance tips.

Schedule a Tune-Up

When it comes to getting your home ready for a Sacramento winter, the first thing on your “to do” list should be a furnace tune-up for your system. A tune up is perhaps the most important thing on your fall HVAC maintenance list. At Bell Brothers, we recommend scheduling your HVAC maintenance twice per year. Once before furnace season and once before AC season. When you schedule a furnace tune-up with Bell Brothers, you’re getting the full service. Our expert HVAC technicians’ leave no stone unturned and make sure every part of your furnace is working. If something isn’t working, or is about to break, our technician will bring it to your attention and offer you repair options. We believe in taking care of small problems before they turn into big ones.

Change the Air Filter

We regularly talk about the importance of changing your air filter. But this need takes on a new urgency when the season shifts. As we become more reliant on keeping indoors, instead of being able to enjoy opening a window or two during warmer months, we want to make sure the air we’re breathing is clean and healthy. Regularly checking and changing your air filter helps keep your home, family, and HVAC system safe. A clean air filter means you’re breathing clean air and your system can work at peak efficiency.

Check Thermostat Settings

With the temperatures keeping consistently cooler, now is the time to reconfigure and update your settings if you have a smart thermostat. One of our favorite things about smart thermostats is that you can customize it to your personal schedule. Work outside of your home? Lower the temperature a few degrees, then program it to go up right before you get home. This ensures your HVAC system isn’t working harder than it needs to and also helps keep your utility bills down.

Clean All Vents and Registers

Do you know where your supply and return vents are? Oftentimes, they’re in hard to reach or incredibly inconvenient places. Because of this, we see too many homeowners cover their vents and registers. When conducting your fall HVAC maintenance, a big thing you should do is to make sure all your vents and registers are unobstructed and clean. A simple wipe or vacuum should be enough to clean them out.

Check Your Windows

When it comes to HVAC maintenance tips, drafty windows and doors can cost you money. On average, you can lose between 25% and 30% of your warm air through a leaky window. If you want to keep your energy bills low, it may be time to consider replacing your old drafty windows with new energy efficient ones. Bell Brothers windows are custom fit to each individual home. Meaning that your new windows will perfectly seal off any drafts and keep your home well insulated. This will not only keep your home more comfortable during the colder months but will keep your home and HVAC system more energy efficient.

Clear Debris Away from Your Condenser

There’s nothing worse than going to start up your system and finding a feral family of critters in there. While this may sound farfetched, it’s really not. Winter winds can kick up leaves, dirt, and other debris around your condenser. Routinely clearing said debris from around your condenser lowers the likelihood that an animal family or group of insects makes your condenser their home.

Ready to get your HVAC Ready for Fall and Winter? Call Bell Brothers Today!

There are many ways to prepare for a Sacramento winter and ensure that you’ve winterized your HVAC system. Above all, the most important of all HVAC maintenance tips is to schedule a seasonal tune-up. If you are ready to make an appointment, Bell Brothers is here to ensure your family is warm and comfortable all season long. We proudly serve our Sacramento, Stockton, Vacaville, and Bay area communities. To schedule an appointment, call the number at the top of the screen or click here to book online.