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Keep an Eye Out for Condensation Between Your Double Pane Windows

Keep an Eye Out for Condensation Between Your Double Pane Windows

Condensation Between Double Pane WindowsResidential windows have come a long way. From their humble beginnings as just a single sheet of glass to the weather-proof, double paned windows today, a lot of progress has been made. However, progress does not equal perfection. Though we believe modern windows are marvels of technology, there are still a few things that can go wrong with them. When it comes to double pane windows, one of the common complaints is about the moisture and condensation build-up between windowpanes.

How do Double Pane Windows Work?

Before we can get into why there can be condensation build-up between your window panes, we need to explain how double pane windows work. As the name implies, double pane windows have two panes of window glass. This glass is then sealed into the window frame. Between these two glasses is a layer of gas insulation, called argon. This extra layer of gas acts as an extra layer of insulation to help keep your home comfortable during hot or cold weather. Because there is gas between the window panes, an airtight seal is made around the glass so that no air, water, or debris can get in or out.

 What It Means When There’s Condensation Between Your Panes

During the colder winter months, we’ll hear complaints from homeowners about fog and condensation between their window panes. While this can happen any time throughout the year, it’s often most noticeable during winter. When condensation starts to build-up between your window panes, its an indication that the seal around the window panes has been compromised. Either it’s broken or there are significant cracks in it. When this happens, it means you’re dealing with colder temperatures in the house and a significant loss of energy performance. Windows with faulty seals can result in up to to 25% to 30% of home energy loss. This loss makes your HVAC system work twice as hard to produce the same amount of treated air, which also makes your energy bills skyrocket.

What Are My Options?

There are two options when you have condensation between your window panes. You can either repair or replace. As seasoned window installer we recommend against a repair. We only make this recommendation because a repair for a broken seal is only going to be a temporary fix. It’s only a matter of time before the repair causes the condensation to come back. Though it may seem like an extreme option, replacing your window is the better solution in the long run. Not only does it eliminate the condensation issue, investing in a replacement window will also help save money over time. Instead of paying an arm and a leg in heating and cooling energy costs, a new window will help insulate your home and protect your treated air.

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