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The Best Windows for All Seasons

The Best Windows for All Seasons

The Best Windows for All SeasonsCalifornia has a unique climate. Our summers can be hot and seem to last forever, but our winters are also cold, rainy, and windy. As we see temperatures start to dip in Sacramento, we’re starting to feel the chill at home. When the first cold front hits California, homeowners often ask what the best windows for winter weather are. We’re here to tell you to focus how your windows perform all seasons, not just one, and here are some reasons why.

Windows for a Southwestern Climate

One of the best things about living in Sacramento is that it’s far enough north to be considered Southwestern. Part of our state’s Southwestern climate is probably the reason most other states look at California with envy while their winters are filled with ice and snow. It’s not our fault we see year-round warm temperatures and clear skies. While we’ve heard some homeowners think they don’t need double pane windows because they live in Sacramento, we’re here to tell you that’s not the case.

Double Pane for Every Season

We know a single pane design is the traditional way windows were originally made. With our current ability to measure efficiency, we now have options. From single to double to triple panes. The biggest difference you’ll find between single and double pane windows is their structure. Single pane windows are what we’ve seen growing up. It wasn’t until fairly recently that double-pane became the new standard in home construction. Double pane windows are constructed for energy efficiency. One of the striking differences you’ll find in double pane windows is the two windowpanes tightly sealed into the frame with a gas added between the two.

What’s the Gas About

While you may be wondering why there’s gas added between the window panes, we’re here to tell you it’s completely safe and normal, and it helps protect your home from all seasonal weather. During the winter, that extra layer of gas keeps your home warm, and during the summer it helps keep everything cool – think of it as an invisible barrier.

Other Benefits of Double Pane Windows

Not only do double pane windows keep your home comfortable during all seasons, but they also help with noise reduction. If you live in a high traffic area, double pane windows lessen the sound of cars and other noise pollution inside your home. Another big benefit is savings. Double pane windows lead to big savings on your utility bills. If you have drafty, dysfunctional windows, they could be adding nearly 40% to your annual heating and cooling bills. Double pane windows stop drafts and make sure all your treated air stays inside the home where it belongs.

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