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Tips to Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter

Tips to Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter

Tips to Lower Heating BillEvery winter we see our heating bill rise and every winter we grumble about it. What if there was something you could to help cut your heating costs? HVAC makes up almost 35% to 40% of your yearly utility bill. In the spirit of the season, we’re sharing some of our favorite tips to lower your heating bill.

Embrace a Programmable Thermostat

One of the best things about a programmable thermostat is that it will save you money. All you need to do is schedule your daily routine into the thermostat, some even offer this feature over wi-fi so you can do it on your phone. Do you currently work outside your home? Make sure your thermostat stays at a lower temperature all day and get to your desirable temperature before you get home! Even just reducing your heat by 10° to 15° while you sleep can shave 10% off your annual heating costs.

Strategically Decorate for Warmth

One of the best things about rugs in the winter is that they save your toes from cold floors and they save you money on your utility bills. Rugs offer a layer of natural insulation and help keep everything just a bit warmer. Another thing we love about decorating for winter is bedding. By using flannel sheets and fuzzy blankets, you’re keeping everyone warm and the thermostat at a lower temperature.

Take Advantage of Natural Sunlight

We often forget about our big natural furnace in the sky, the sun. During the day, make sure to open any blinds or curtains on windows that face the sun. This natural heat will help keep your home warm. While you’re at it, try to invest in heavy curtains. When you get home from work, closing heavy curtains will help insulate your home and keep heat inside.

Don’t Forget to Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up

One of the best things you can do to lower your heating bill is to schedule routine HVAC tune-ups. When your system runs at optimal efficiency, it saves you money. During one of our 18-point furnace tune-ups a Bell Brothers technician will check a majority of the components in your furnace to make sure everything is running as efficiently as possible. You can also ask the technician to help change your air filter during a tune-up.

Consider Updating Your Insulation

Insulation is like a sweater for your home. Nearly 25% of home heat loss can happen through your roof or attic. This is one of the biggest reasons it might be time to check your insulation. Insulation has a typical lifespan of 20 years but can begin to degrade after only 15 years of use. Has your roof ever leaked? Do you have air leaks anywhere? These two things alone can degrade your insulation. During a routine tune-up, ask a Bell Brothers tech how your insulation is and they’ll let you know if it’s time for an upgrade.

Now is the Time to Cook

Finally, one of our favorite ways to lower your heating bill is by cooking. Notice how warm your home gets when you bake a batch of cookies or cook a pot of stew? Make sure to open your kitchen doors and let the heat from the stove and oven radiate around your home – while be safe.

Want to Learn More or Schedule a Tune-Up?

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