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Why Does My Home Smell Like a Sewer When It Rains?

Why Does My Home Smell Like a Sewer When It Rains?

Why Does My Home Smell Like a SewerThere’s something special about the first rainfall of the season. While we don’t see a ton of rain in California, our winters do bring gloomy, watery skies. As much as we love the rain, we have had homeowners ask why their home smells like sewage when it rains. If this is happening to you, don’t fret, there are steps you can take to prevent and avoid the smell. But first, let’s explain why your home may be smelling like a sewer during the rainy season.

It Could Be Backed Up Bacteria

Your home plumbing system is a complex maze of pipes; the whole thing is made to be a getaway for waste. When we talk about waste in this sense, we’re talking about human and organic waste. A majority of the organic waste can come from things that find their way down the sink. When all of this mixes together and creates a backup, a terrible smell begins to develop. But be wary, this smell could also be toxic. We commonly see p-shaped sewer traps in the homes we service. The p-trap is where all your wastewater sits. The trap itself creates a seal and acts as a barrier between the strong sewer smell and your clean home. Over time, the p-trap can break down which will lead to a pungent odor of sewer in your home after rain.

A Water Barrier or P-Trap is Dried Out

All sinks and showers have a p-trap, which is also known as a water barrier. Do you have any sinks or showers in your home that are not used very often? If so, your home could smell like sewage when it rains. When a plumbing fixture in your home does not see a lot of use, it could lead to a dried out water barrier or p-trap. If you believe this is the case, run some water from that faucet. The flow will rewet the water barrier and help wash away the sewage smell.

Cracked Pipes and Clogged Drains

Above all, the two biggest culprits of a lingering sewage smell in a home are cracked pipes and clogged drains. If you have trees in your yard, roots are a big concern. If a pipe is cracked, sewage gas can release which will make your home smell less than pleasant after a rainstorm. When drains backup, they’re often full of biological material, usually food scraps, hair, and cleaning materials. If your sink is clogged, the smell of that backup can waft into your home which will make everything smell like sewage.

Sick of Your Home Smelling Like a Sewer? Call Us.

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