How Bell Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning Began

How Bell Brothers Heating and Air Began

Our HVAC Company was founded by Brother’s Jerry and Kenny Bell in Elk Grove in 1991. From a young age The Bell Brothers, Jerry and Kenny Bell were entrepreneurs. They began working together on a paper route at ages of 8 and 9 in Elk Grove where they grew up. With just one year age difference between them, Jerry and Kenny have always been close.

After completing high school around 81′ -82′, Jerry and Kenny Bell were not sure what career path they wanted to take.¬†When a new shopping center opened up nearby, Dr. Bell, Kenny and Jerry’s father, thought it would be a great place for a pizza parlor. A retired Elk Grove Dentist, Dr. Bell decided to give the boys a lesson in owning a business. Not long after that, Pizza Bell was established. Jerry and Kenny worked hard creating a successful restaurant earning enough profit to purchase the restaurant from their Father and in a short time expanding into multiple locations.

Pizza Bell was doing great but they decided they wanted to learn a trade, so the Brothers attended Universal Technical Institute (UTI) in Arizona to be educated in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) field. Upon graduation from UTI they returned to Elk Grove and began working on establishing a new company.

Jerry and Kenny opened Bell Bros. Heating and Air Conditioning in 1991 after earning their HVAC contractor’s license. As a small operation with one phone line and a small pickup truck, the guys decided to get the word out about the new business by putting flyers on top of Pizza boxes. Before long, Bell Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning was taking off. Clients loved working with Jerry and Kenny because they were honest, hard working and went above and beyond on every call.

Since the beginning, the Bell Brothers have treated customers, employees and vendors like family. Over the years The Bell Brothers took on the slogan “The No Surprise Guys” eventually trade marking the phrase.

“No Surprises”, means the price we quote is the price you pay. As business owners Jerry and Kenny’s discovered early on that their biggest frustration when working with other contractors was that halfway through the project, the contractor would add a few more parts and a little more labor and at the end of the project the invoice would end up being double what they expected it to be. Unfortunately that is a common practice in the construction industry. So they decided to come up with an upfront price guide. They would diagnose an AC repair, present the cost to the client, and once the client accepts the repair that is the price they pay. So if they began the repair and found that something else needed to be fixed, the Bell Brothers would complete the job at no additional cost. That best practice is still a core value today.

Through the leadership of Jerry and Kenny, Bell Brothers staff is committed to providing unparalleled customer service. Today Bell Brothers has 70 trucks on the road and over 130 employees. Sometimes when companies grow from a small family owned operation they lose the element of service that helped them get to that point. We are selective in our hiring process today for that very reason. Our employees have a passion for service, and are committed beyond measure to earning your business, trust and satisfaction for years to come.

Contact us at 916-444-1234 today to speak to one of our experienced plumbing, heating and air conditioning client service representatives. We would be proud to add you to our family of satisfied customers.

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