technician working on a heating installation in sacramento


When it’s time for a new furnace in Sacramento, you don’t want to mess around. In fact, you probably want to get the very best furnace for you as quickly and easily as possible. If you’re like most people, you don’t want to spend any more time, energy, or money on the project than you have to.

That’s where we come in. At Bell Brothers, we will help you find a great furnace for you and your family and get it installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications quickly. We’ll make sure that it’s working before we leave and let you know exactly what you need to do to maintain it in great working order for years to come.

Working With Bell Brothers

Start your heating installation process in Sacramento by calling us now. A member of our helpful scheduling staff will find a time that’s convenient for you when one of our heating experts can come to your house. We’ll talk to you about your decision to get a new furnace, then look over the old one to make sure we can’t help it work better.

We’ll assess your needs based on:

  • The square footage of your home
  • Your energy-efficiency preferences
  • Your budget
  • Your heat usage patterns

Once we know how you use your heat and what you want to get out of your new furnace, we’ll help you select one that will do exactly what you need it to do. We work with many of the top brands in furnace manufacturing, so we’ll help you find a furnace that will last for many years.

When it comes to furnace installation, we will make sure yours gets done just the way the manufacturer intended it to happen. We’ll test everything before we leave, to ensure it’s all working the way it should and to make sure you’re happy with it, too.

If your furnace has any particular maintenance needs or requirements, we’ll let you know. We’ll also schedule a time when we can come and maintain it, to ensure that your warranty remains valid and that you’re getting the most for your money.

Do I Need a New Furnace?

Some homeowners hesitate when it comes to furnace installation because they’re concerned that it’s not the right time. They wonder if they should continue using their old furnace or just live without one in Sacramento for a while. Here are some signs that you need heating installation soon.

  • Your current furnace doesn’t keep you warm. If you’re paying to run it, it should be able to keep your house warm.
  • Your current furnace is more than 10-15 years old. This is the lifespan on many furnaces. Avoid total shutdown when you replace yours early.
  • You have to do a lot of repairs on your furnace. Even if you don’t have expensive repairs, regular repair calls mean that your furnace isn’t working the way it should.
  • You are facing expensive furnace repairs. Sometimes, you’ll get more bang for your buck when you replace your furnace, rather than spend a lot to repair it. Talk to your technician about what might be right for you.

When it’s time for a new furnace, look no further than the experts at Bell Brothers for the very best in service and installation. Our skilled HVAC technicians in Sacramento will do everything they can to get you the furnace you need whenever you need it. We’ll work fast to keep you warm, so you don’t ever have to freeze at home. If you have questions or you’re ready to buy your new furnace, call and make your appointment with one of our experts today!