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Want to get the most of the home upgrade rebates available?  Are you looking to replace your old windows with energy efficient duel pane windows?  Did you know that there are up to $9,000 in home energy upgrade rebates with the support of our local utility companies? These upgrades include installation of new windows for your home and other upgrades designed to make your home more efficient. Utility companies are almost paying you to make your home, work smarter. That’s right, you now can take advantage of great rebates while enhancing the comfort of your home. By scheduling a FREE, no obligation, in home estimate, you can sit down with a Bell Brothers design consultant who will go over a whole home evaluation. The experts at Bell Brothers will show you all of the home upgrades that qualify for these existing rebates. If you have considered solar instillation as a method of reducing your carbon footprint, think about the efficiency of your home first. Solar is a complicated purchase but should be the final puzzle piece. You want to reduce the amount of energy you use before you produce energy through solar.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) The Home Performance Program (Also known as HPP) This is one of the programs offered in Sacramento.  This program offers up to $5,000 in rebates to Sacramento homeowners for energy-efficient retrofits made to homes in SMUD territory, including the installation of high performance windows. Rebate amounts available through the program are based on energy saving results.

How Home Upgrade Rebates Work:

1. Schedule your energy assessment: Call Bell Brothers at (916) 444-1234 and schedule your FREE, no obligation, in home assessment today.

Select your upgrades: Review your energy efficiency report and customized recommendations with your Bell Brothers design consultant and select the upgrades that will yield the greatest results. Note: some measures are mandatory depending upon the existing condition of the home.

Complete your upgrades: Bell Brothers will install your upgrades then, complete all required rebate paperwork and see the process through 100%.

Collect your rebate: Your rebate check from SMUD and or PG&E will arrive in approximately 4-6 weeks after all paperwork has been processed. It's always advised to double check how long rebates are taking to process, as demand increases, sometimes rebates can be delayed. Overall clients have received rebates in the expected timeframes, but it is always

Savings and Rebates

Depending on the upgrades you choose to install, you can achieve 15-50+% in annual electric savings and up to $5,000 in energy upgrade rebates. The more improvements you do to your home, the higher the energy savings and the greater your rebate.

Call Bell Brothers today to schedule your in home evaluation.  Bell Brothers has been in business since 1991.  We are the trusted Home Upgrade Company in the Sacramento area.  Let us increase the comfort of your home, and help you to collect all the rebates that you qualify for.  Give us a call at (916)444-1234.  When you think Home Upgrades...Think Bell Brothers.

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