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Here you will find information about choosing the right contractor, frequently asked questions, things to consider with the cost of a new HVAC system and more. We look forward to continuing to build this section of our website.  We want to provide you with the most knowledge that that you are comfortable in understanding all that we do.   As we see a demand for information on different topics that you have interest in we will be glad to include more information here. For now please enjoy the below content by clicking each link or visiting our blog for industry related content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of some of our most frequently asked questions. We hope these tips are helpful for you. As always we have a friendly client service representative ready to assist you as needed. If you are experiencing an issue that requires the knowledge of a technician please give us a call at 916-444-1234 and we will schedule our next available appointment.

Is routine maintenance really necessary or “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”?

Every manufacturer recommends annual maintenance to keep the system running … Read More

When is the best time to have maintenance performed?

As long as maintenance is performed on a routine basis you are always ready … Read More

Is it necessary to change the filter in my unit every month or is that too often?

Once a month is not too often. A dirty or clogged air filter can account for … Read More

Should I cover my outdoor system in the winter time?

AC units come with a special factory coating and are designed to be installed … Read More

If I don’t get enough airflow to one side of my house, or if there are rooms that are not in use, can I close some registers off to improve airflow and save on energy bills?

No. Supply-air and return-air registers should never be blocked or closed off … Read More

Can I leave the fan in the ‘ON’ position at the thermostat?

Yes, you can. You may find improved comfort by running the fan continuously as … Read More

What should I do if my system is not turning on?

We recommend having a service technician perform a diagnostic to determine the … Read More

Should “Freon” (Refrigerant) be added to the unit every year to ensure peak performance?

Large amounts of “Freon” (Refrigerant) should never have to be added on a regular … Read More

If my fuses “blow” should I just change them to get the system running again?

Fuses are a safety device and when they “blow” it typically means there is a … Read More

How much insulation should I have in my home?

Insulation helps to keep your home more energy efficient. R-38 is what is … Read More

If my system is more energy efficient can I run it more often?

You can definitely run your system more often, although you will lose some … Read More

Is it a problem if my dog urinates on my air conditioner?

Yes. The acid in dog urine corrodes the condenser and destroys the coils by … Read More

Should I build a fence around my air conditioner?

You can but you will want to leave at least a foot of room around the air … Read More

At what temperature should I set my thermostat?

Setting the proper temperature at the thermostat can reduce your electricity … Read More

Why doesn’t the system put out heat immediately when it turns on?

When the furnace turns on it preheats, pushing all the cold air out of the … Read More

Why does my furnace smell funny the first time I turn it on for the season?

This is normal. The internal dust build-up that burns off the heating elements … Read More

My air-conditioner or furnace is making a funny noise. What should I do?

Discontinue use and have a … Read More

There is water dripping from one of the eaves over my window. Should I be concerned?

If there is a leak above the window it indicates that the system has an issue … Read More

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