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Sacramento’s Expert Plumbers: Water Heater Replacement, Plumbing Repair, and Filter Installations

If your water service has ever been halted, even briefly, you probably realized pretty quickly how much you depend on water—and take it for granted. As we rush to the grocery store to buy water bottles so we can cook, bathe, and flush toilets, our reliance on modern plumbing becomes crystal clear

The pipe and plumbing experts at Bell Brothers know how vital your home’s plumbing system is to your life, family, and home. We’ve been serving the Sacramento area for decades providing our customers with fast, reliable service when unexpected pipe problems bubble up.

We also share our customers’ concerns about conserving water; Northern California is our home too.

We can all turn off the faucet while we brush our teeth, and take shorter showers, but Bell Brothers can help you take your efficiency to new levels by keeping your current plumbing system healthy or by installing modern, high-efficiency equipment in your home. Whether it’s fixing a leaky pipe or installing a new tankless water heater, Bell Brothers believes home water conservation is more than just a pipe dream.

The Flow of Your Home’s Plumbing System

If you’ve ever looked at the plumbing plans for a building, it may have reminded you of veins in the body. That’s how I’ve always thought of them, as the veins of your home sending vital fluids to every major space. But your home consists of more than just piping. Your plumbing system uses specialty equipment to move water throughout your home and to heat, clean, and condition it.

Specialty Equipment

Signs Your Plumbing Needs Repair or Replacement

Just like your body, your plumbing slowly ages, with little things going wrong here and there until you finally notice it’s not able to keep up the way it used to. If your pipes are slowing down, it’s time to call in a plumbing expert. Bell Brothers has been serving Sacramento for over 20 years. We’re seasoned professional plumbers and we’ve seen it all.

The Signs

Traditional Versus Tankless Water Heaters

Modern plumbing makes it hard to imagine our great grandparents heating water over a hot stove for a bath. Water heaters take a portion of your supply water and heats it to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, then distributes it to the faucets and appliances that use heated water in your home. Many of our Sacramento clients still rely on storage tank water heaters, but we’ve seen a big shift towards the more efficient modern tankless options. Both have some advantages and disadvantages.

Storage Tank vs. Tankless Water Heaters

Water Filtration Systems for a Healthy Home

Sacramento, in particular, is committed to providing clean water to all its residents. But even water that’s regulated and tested for quality can become contaminated in the main water lines on the way from the treatment facility to your home. That’s where water filtration systems step in, allowing homeowners control over their water quality.

Bell Brothers licensed plumbers are experienced at installing filtration systems, whether localized in one area of your home or for an entire plumbing system.

Advantages of Installing a Water Filtration and Conditioning System

HALO Water Systems

The Bell Brothers team of plumbing experts recommends HALO Water Systems for Northern California homes. HALO is our chosen partner for providing our clients with the cleanest, freshest, purest water. There is nothing more essential to the wellbeing of your home and your family’s everyday life than healthy drinking water. Contact Bell Brothers today to learn more about Halo Water Systems and the amazing benefits their heavenly water filtration system can offer for you.

Right HALO Solution

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Water is one thing no one can live without; it’s a vital part of our daily health. Sacramento is a great city to live in if you care about water conservation, but each of us must also do our individual part. Efficiency is key, not only for supporting the city’s conservation efforts, but your own conservation efforts when it comes to your monthly water bill.

If you suspect your plumbing system is in need of a repair or replacement, it’s never too soon to call. Contacting a trusted plumbing professional about piping, water heaters, or water filtration systems will not only save you money, but improve the health of your family and the great state of California we all love.

Whether you’re in the market for a more efficient water heater or have spotted the signs of a leaky pipe, we’ve got the answers to all your plumbing questions and concerns. Call Bell Brothers today for a free in-home estimate and evaluation of the health of your pipes.