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Concerned about the Drinking Water in your home?

Bell Brothers Plumbing Heating and Air is excited to offer our customers the latest technology in drinking water treatment and whole home water purification for your home. In Sacramento, Davis, Rancho Cordova, Roseville and surrounding areas we continue to hear more and more from home owners that they are concerned about the water quality in their home. If you are curious about the water quality in the city you live in your local water district should have water quality reports on their websites. Here is a good example of what you can find, The city of Davis has water quality reports available going all the way back to 2008.

If you are concerned about the drinking water in your home, we recommencement using a water conditioner and filtration system, as opposed to a water softener. Not only will you have great tasting water, you will have softer laundry and spot free dishes, less dry skin and better hair quality. A water conditioning and filtration system will provide all of the benefits of a water softener while eliminating the taste of chlorine. Bell Brothers drinking water solutions remove chlorine from your water. This is very important. When chlorine enters the body as a result of breathing, swallowing, or skin contact, it reacts with water to produce acids. The acids are corrosive and damage cells in the body on contact. Chlorinated water reduces the natural oils from skin and hair and effectively dries out the skin and hair.

The drinking water system we offer provides zero grains per gallon also known as GPG. GPG is the unit of water hardness defined as 12 grain of calcium carbonate dissolved in 1 gallon of water. To understand the metrics of water hardness, see the conversions below.

0 to 3.5 GPG is considered soft water

3.56 to 7.01 is considered moderately hard water

7.06 to 10.51 is considered hard water

10.57 & up is considered very hard water

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Water Filtration Systems

There are several options when it comes to choosing the right water filtration system for your home. We offer a FREE water quality analysis followed by a recommendation for the right type of system for your needs. One of the basic benefits you will see is the removal of  Chlorine. A good filtration system filters the water down to 30 micron and polishes the water. Another added benefit is choosing a ststem that removes Chlorine, and also filters the water down to 5 micron and polishes the water.

Water Filtration plus Water Conditioners

We offer three water filtration systems that remove Chlorine, filter the water down to 30 micron, polish the water but they also remove the hardness down to ZERO grains per gallon. To learn more about the drinking water solutions we offer for your home, Call Bell Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Air at 916-444-1234 or submit a request for more info below. One of our trained professionals will come out to your home to explain all of your options and find the right water solution product that is right for you.

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