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The self-proclaimed “Cowboy Capital of the World” is one of the most enjoyable towns in Stanislaus County. From the hands-on philosophy at the Cowboy museum to the hiking trails, horse riding, and kayaking, this is a town that will entertain. Heck, even if you’d just like to take it easy, you can park your behind on the century-old original benches at the historic railroad station. Our annual events bring in crowds from around the county, including the rodeo in April, the chocolate festival in May, and the chili cook-off in September.

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The people of Oakdale are rightfully proud of their town, and love to talk about it – our in-home HVAC assessments always include a debate about what’s the best bakery in town, or whether Bliss Cafe has better coffee than JC’s. And if you’re in the area we’d be only too happy to recommend a restaurant, or give you directions to Bloomingcamp Ranch for an apple cider cookie, or let you know where to get the best western-style outfits—p.s., it’s clearly Spur of the Moment on E F St.

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Bell Brothers customers in Oakdale, and across the Sacramento area, have earned more than $2 million in rebates. When you combine that with the fact that you can cut your annual electricity bill by as much as 50% by making the right HVAC upgrades around your house, you really start saving some money. And, to make working with us even more affordable, we’ll do a complete, no-obligation energy assessment of your home for free. That’s well worth the cost of a local phone call.

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From furnace replacements to solar panel installations, plumbing repairs and energy efficient window upgrades, each of the Bell Brothers services is designed to ensure your home stays a cozy sanctuary for your family.

Your community is our community. Schedule a free in-house estimate today for your heating, cooling, and window replacements needs. We guarantee our service techs will treat you like a valued neighbor. After all, that’s exactly what you are.