One of the biggest determinants of a home’s temperature retention and energy efficiency is the windows. Windows let heat out of your house in the winter, and in the summer, sun coming through the windows traps heat inside, making your AC work extra hard. This is why if you’re serious about comfort and savings, you should be serious about double pane windows.

Am I Losing Energy from My Windows?

Good question! If your windows are old, or single-paned, you probably are! These windows let hot and cold out of the house, which means you’ll need more work from your HVAC system to keep your home comfortable. That means more money on your utility bill, and a less-than-comfy house!

What Can I Do?

The best solution is double-paned windows. Imagine two walls built very close together with a little bit of space between. That’s the principle behind double-panes: two panes of glass with some air between. It sounds simple, but the heat retention is incredible compared to old single-paned windows. They’ll also use insulated, laminated, or tempered glass, depending on the manufacturer. All this means much less heat loss for your home in the winter, and a nice cool house in the summer–at a lower cost, too!

window with reflections of the skyUV Protection and Other Benefits

In addition to saving you money and improving your home’s comfort, double-paned windows also provide better protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays–the ones that fade your curtains, couches, and other furniture. These rays can also be harmful to people and pets, which means you’re doing yourself and your family even more of a favor by making the switch. And if you live in a high-traffic area or a noisy neighborhood, you’ll love the noise-reduction that double-pane windows provide! In some cases, they may let in half the noise that single-pane windows do. That’s yet another reason they pay for themselves in no time!

The Family Touch

We’re a family company, and we treat our clients like family. We know that double-paned window replacement can be a big step for your family, but we’ve also seen many others benefit from making the switch to energy-saving windows. If you think your family might be in that group, or are just curious about the cost of making the switch to energy efficient windows, we’re the guys to call. From a fair estimate to timely installation that we stand by, Bell Brothers sets the standard for window replacement.

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