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If you’ve experienced living in Sacramento during the summer, you know a working air conditioner is key. That’s why at Bell Brothers, we have the best trained HVAC technicians ready to help you during those hard times when it’s102 degrees outside and you have a house full of kids and pets– with almost 30 years in the business, we’ve battled it all! .

Signs You Need A/C Repair

If your air conditioning has been running and you’re still breaking a sweat at home, it might be time to call your HVAC professionals at Bell Brothers. . Did you know many A/C units will let you know something is wrong right before they stop cooling or die completely? Pay attention to these signs and you may be able to fix your air conditioning before it becomes a more costly repair or replacement:

  1. Your air conditioner never shuts off. The most efficient A/C system is one that runs for a while as it cools your home to your desired set temperature, andturns off until your house heats up again. Only then will the system be signaled to turn back on. This saves your motor and helps reduce overall wear and tear on the unit. If it’s running all the time, it’s either not cooling effectively or something has gone wrong.
  2. Your air conditioner runs well, but blows lukewarm air. Ideally, the air coming out of your vents isn’t just a little bit cooler than the air in your home, it’s downright cold! If your A/C only blows coolish air or the air it blows gets warmer as the day goes onit can be a big indicator something may be wrong with your system. You should be able to set your thermostat knowing your A/C will maintain your desired temperature set.
  3. Your air conditioner turns off and on rapidly. A properly working A/C is not one that is turning on and off all day long, if this sounds a little too familiar, this sign may indicate that your air conditioner isn’t working the way it was designed to. Call Bell Brothers for a diagnostic of your system, to prevent any unnecessary wear and tear or risk burning out a switch or the motor.

Our Repair Process…

At Bell Brothers, our expert HVAC technicians work hard to get your air conditioning repaired as quickly as possible, by performing a complete assessment of your current system and providing you with all possible solutions. Your Bell Brothers experience first starts with you calling us to schedule an appointment with one of our  friendly call center staff members. They will work to fit an appointment that works best with your urgency and availability.

Your Bell Brothers technician will arrive on time,  listen to the current A/C issue you are experiencing, ,and perform a diagnosis of the system itself. With careful troubleshooting skills, your expert HVAC Bell Brothers technician will determine what has gone wrong with your A/C system and provide you with options for repair..

Once we have a plan, we’ll let you know what you can expect. Although our technicians are often equipped to be able to make most repairs on the first appointment, there are times we’ll have to order special parts for your system. If this is the case we work on keeping you updated as to when the parts will arrive and make sure to schedule your next appointment as soon as possible.

If you’re overheating in Sacramento, don’t wait! Call Bell Brothers to get your air conditioning repair done fast and well by your hometown professionals!