Why DIY Home Window Tinting is a Bad Idea

DIY Window Tint.

The summer sun can be brutal during the day. Especially during those late afternoon hours just as the sun begins to set. The sun’s rays aren’t just annoying, they can actually do serious damage to hardwood floors, furniture, art, and anything else left in its path for a considerable amount of time. One of the best ways to deal with this is window tinting. We understand how easy it can seem to apply your own tint. But, we’re here to tell you why DIY home window tinting is not the best DIY project for homeowners.

What is Window Tinting?

DIY Home Window Tinting is something you should never do.Let’s start with the first question, what exactly is window tinting? To put things simply, window tint is a thin film that goes over your existing windows and can block harmful UV rays.  The amount of protection you receive depends on the tint you choose.

While most people look at a sheet of window tint and see a roll of cellophane, we’re here to tell you the process is a lot more involved than you may think.

Why Should I Consider Window Tinting?

There are a number of reasons Sacramento homeowners opt to tint their windows. The aforementioned UV protection is only one reason.

A few layers of tints can make a window shatterproof or scratch resistant. When done effectively, window tint can also cut down on your carbon emissions.

The tint can keep your home naturally cooler, which can lessen how much you rely on your AC. Decreased HVAC use means a drop in your overall utility bills and in your carbon footprint.

Safety Issues from DIY Home Window Tinting

We mentioned above how tempting it is to try and attempt this on your own. But, after working on windows for over 20 years, we recommending you leave this to a professional . This particular project can be dangerous if you’re not properly prepared with the right tools and safety equipment.

DIY Home Window Tinting is a Bigger Job Than Most Would Think

DIY home window tinting is a much larger process than it seems. While you can buy some type of window tint at your local hardware or home improvement store.

How do you know which one to buy? The options can change depending on the type oi windows you have, your personal needs, and how much sun your home gets.

Applying window tint is more than peeling and sticking it on. You also need to cure it. Curing is important step because it helps remove any bubbles or imperfections that could mar the look of your windows and the efficiency of the film.

Due to the adhesive style of the film, special tools are needed to get it off. Without these specific tools you can scratch, or do worse damage, to your windows.

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