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Get genuine community + family-first HVAC & plumbing services here in the Dixon area with Bell Brothers. We’re the top HVAC contractors in Solano County and a highly-reviewed favorite among homeowners who want to elevate home comfort through superior solutions.

We deliver exceptional technical service with genuine customer care for a painless experience that includes benefits like Upfront Pricing, Same-Day Service, a solid Money-Back Guarantee and Easy Financing options.

This page is here to help you learn more about us and about what we do. Enjoy! If at any time you’d like to skip ahead and get right to work, don’t hesitate to call and we’ll handle everything.

That said, let’s begin with the basics.

The Most Common Reasons Dixon Homeowners Call Bell Bros

Along with general plumbing issues that spring up, during our summer months it’s often AC repairs and maintenance. Waiting too long for service leads to problems better left avoided. For example, let’s imagine you put things off when you should normally get the AC serviced to prepare for June-Sep.

Here’s the core risks:

  • Shortened System Lifespan
  • Multiple Unnecessary Repairs
  • Potential Permanent Damage
  • Low Performance Quality
  • Expensive Service Costs

Better to recognize when it’s time for professional AC repair and call Bell Bros. Any changes in your home comfort or indoor air quality levels are good signs.

Air conditioner repairs in Dixon are completely normal and expected every year. Plus, they’re necessary to ensure your central air system lasts longer and works better.

Superior Heater Repair Service in Dixon During the Winter Months

Once the colder and rainier winter months roll in, our big calls in Dixon revolve around plumbing and heater repair services. We’re the leading HVAC contractors in Solano County and the favorite for thousands of homeowners each year, so the phone tends to ring regularly.

Remember, using your heater when repairs are needed results in expensive service costs, permanent damage and a shortened system lifespan. Not worth it! Prompt heater repair service in Dixon with Bell Bros is the way to go:

  • Minimize Damage
  • Restore Energy Efficiency
  • Elevate Indoor Air Quality
  • Extends Unit’s Service Lifespan
  • Protect Unit From Disrepair

What if I have no heating at all right now?

Don’t attempt to restart the furnace through the circuit breaker. Wait until your Bell Bros specialist arrives, assesses the situation, and can show you in line-by-line detail what needs to be done.

Our professional technicians can help every step of the way:

  • Identifying Issues: Bell Bros technicians are highly-trained, well-vetted, and have the industry experience to quickly identify problems and solutions.
  • Providing Solid Quotes: Any quote you get from Bell Bros is going to be rock solid, and backed by a family-run company that means business.
  • Seasoned Repair/Maintenance: No waiting around. No having to order this, or go back to the warehouse for that – just fast, effective, professional HVAC & plumbing service.
  • Effective Tune-ups: You can count on Bell Bros technicians to perform tune-ups to the highest standards. We’re impeccable and meticulous!

Schedule Any Dixon HVAC & Plumbing Services Today

If you’re a Dixon homeowner experiencing any HVAC or Plumbing issues and need a dependable, local, family-run company you can call – reach out to Bell Bros today. You can schedule an appointment at your convenience or let us know there’s an emergency and our staff will be by your side ASAP! We make home life better and every day living more enjoyable – and look forward to hearing from you soon.