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Welcome, we’re Bell Bros, your local Fair Oaks, CA HVAC & Plumbing company. You likely know this already, but Fair Oaks is a little bit different from the rest of the Valley. It might be the car show, the theater, or maybe the Chicken Festival. Or, it could also be the old town atmosphere of “The Village”.

Actually, it’s definitely the Chicken Festival… but whatever the case, we at Bell Bros can relate–we’re a bit different from other HVAC + Plumbing companies! We offer hard work at a fair price because our family roots in the area and our sense of integrity means we couldn’t do anything else

This particular page on our website is here to help you get to know who we are and what we have to offer. Just because we’ve been around for close to thirty years doesn’t mean we’ve yet had the privilege of meeting everyone.

Top-Notch Fair Oaks HVAC Techs & Plumbers On Call

One thing about us you should know – with the support of our community over the years we built our own state-of-the-art training facility! This is because we understand first-hand the best way for our guys to get quality work done is for them to continuously just knuckle down and practice with every kind of HVAC technology in existence.

When Bell Bros techs or plumbers get to your house, there’s nothing they haven’t seen or dealt with. And when they give you a quote on a job, that’s the price you’ll pay at the end, no matter what– one of the many reasons we’re known as “The No Surprise Guys!”

We’re just doing the job the way we know is right, treating customers like family and acting with integrity. We stand by our guys, by our quotes, and by our work. And most of all, we stand by you!

Bell Bros Is Your ‘One Stop HVAC Shop’ In Fair Oaks

We get the hot summer days, but this close to the mountains it can also be chilly in winter and fall. That means that you’ll need good HVAC guys year round, so that your AC does the job as well as your furnace. When you get Bell Bros out to your home, you’ll get the family treatment.

In addition to basic HVAC work, we’ll perform the following:

  • Professional Diagnostics: Our techs will quickly assess, identify issues, and provide you with your options so that you’re fully informed. No nonsense, and no surprises.
  • Excellent Installs: Whether we’re talking AC or heater, there’s only one way to do installations and that’s the Bell Bros way–backed by a first-rate installer’s warranty.
  • Stopping Trouble: What better way to fix a problem than stop it from occurring with a little preventative HVAC maintenance beforehand? We’re happy to do it for our neighbors.
  • Furnace Tune-Ups: Our tune-ups, heavily discounted during fall and winter, are the ticket to get your system ready for the cold months when it’s working overtime.
  • Great Plumbing: From clogs to leaky faucets, we’re the guys for all your big and small plumbing jobs. Just name it, from indoor to outdoor plumbing, we’ll get it handled.

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It’s not always easy to get contractors out to Fair Oaks. Hence why it’s important to us that when we arrive we work hard and do a great job. Your time is limited and you want to avoid spending a lot of money. With thousands of genuine 5-star reviews from our customers over the years, you know we’re the guys to meet your needs with respect and professionalism. You’ve got nothing to lose, reach out to our customer service team today.