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Get Professional HVAC & Plumbing Services in Fairfield, CA

Proudly Serving Communities and Families Across Solano County Since 1992

Welcome to the Bell Brothers website, are you a Fairfield, CA resident doing your due diligence on local HVAC & Plumbing companies in the area? After a solid thirty years of experience serving families across The Valley, consider us a sure thing.

This specific webpage was created for you, Fairfield homeowners we haven’t had the privilege of working with yet. It’s here to help you quickly get to know us, see what we’re about, and what kind of HVAC and plumbing we offer. Rather skip all the reading, simply use the button below.

That said, let us briefly share why our technicians and plumbers are especially fond of receiving service calls to Fairfield.

  1. The neighborhoods we work in are typically clean, safe and just really give off that ‘This is a family-friendly area’ vibe. And we’re a family owned and run-company, so it sticks.
  2. Not every time, but almost every time we visit the area we meet someone that’s been in Fairfield their whole life, and they’re quite happy about it!

So don’t hesitate, we’re there often and probably already have techs relatively nearby. Speaking of which, let’s switch gears and give you what you came here for – our info.

Bell Bros: Reliable Fairfield HVAC & Plumbing Services

  • Comprehensive HVAC Services: Family-first residential HVAC has been our bread and butter since way back in 1991. And we’ve always focused where our roots are down through the Valley. AC & Heater emergency repairs, ongoing maintenance and regular tuneups, and of course we help homeowners get the best HVAC units to suit their homes and their needs and then install them in accordance with the highest standards.
  • Full Residential Plumbing Services in Fairfield: Along with our impeccable HVAC, we employ some of the very best plumbers in all of California. And that’s no joke. Bell Brothers can handle just about any indoor or outdoor-related residential plumbing issue you can imagine. Whether it’s something simple, or a much more extensive project, we can help.
  • Our Guarantees & Real Coverage: Being as established as we are, it affords us the ability to offer guarantees and coverage the likes of which you would typically get with much larger companies and manufacturers. We take exceptionally great care of our customers, which is why such a large percentage are ongoing long-term customers.
  • Get Your Good Deeds for Free: Most folks are at first, well, shocked by this program of ours but we honestly feel like it’s just good old fashioned service-first work ethic. When a Bell Bro HVAC tech or plumber is at your Fairfield, CA home, you can have them do any number of small good deeds for you and your home and they’ll be tickled pink to help – take out the trash, fix that doorknob, lift those heavy boxes, etc.
  • Our Long-Standing Local History: One thing you’ll learn about us is that we’re really proud of YOU – the folks we’ve been fortunate enough to serve for decades. Did you know we have over 4,000 reviews on Google alone? When you work with Bell Bros you’re working with a local long-standing company you can trust. That means a lot.

What Our Customers Are Saying: Friendly, Fast, & Efficient!

Since we’ve tooted our own horn a bit here, let’s let some of our customers do the talking for a change. We jumped into our Google reviews and grabbed three which were left recently. Here’s the first one, talking about the attention we give to even the smallest of service calls.

“Needed a toilet unclogged and Bell Bros sent a tech right out. Within an hour the work was done and all is good again. Was also able to take advantage of their current specials, so this service called didn’t hurt. And once again my household has become a club member to keep up on preventative maintenance. Our tech explained everything. Good job at a good price, we’re happy customers”

This is what it’s all about folks. This is our secret sauce, the recipe that made it so we’ve been around for thirty years while most don’t make it five. These next two are short and sweet, but say a lot.

“Excellent service. Very professional. Didn’t try to sell me something I didn’t need.”

“I scheduled yearly heater maintenance with Bell Bros because I’ve been very pleased with the care and quality work each technician puts into the overall project at hand.”

With such a great location to call home, having Bell Bros as your home’s personal HVAC and plumbing provider makes it just that much better.

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Does your Fairfield, CA home need any plumbing or HVAC-related work done right now? Have any questions or concerns you’d like addressed by friendly professionals? Then don’t hesitate to call us – our customer service team is outstanding and will get you all the answers you need. Or, they’ll schedule you for a free assessment/inspection at your nearest convenience.