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The Best HVAC work in the County

HVAC Contractor In Granite Bay

Granite Bay has to be one of the nicest places to call home in the entire county. Sitting on a corner of Folsom Lake, and with a view of the Sacramento Valley that marks the start of the Sierra foothills, you can literally see why everyone here seems so at ease. If you see us down near Auburn Folsom Rd, probably coming out of Farmhaus restaurant or one of the nearby cafes, you’ll know why we look so happy.

Expert Knowledge and Quality Work

And, the houses of Granite Bay are just beautiful—which is probably what attracts all those Sacremento Kings to the area. As HVAC specialists, it’s a privilege to work inside these custom homes, and to know that they won’t be compromised by our innovative approach to home climate control.

Keeping Granite Bay on Top of Its Game

Caring for your home means you can continue to enjoy it for years to come. And that means you need a company like Bell Brothers that goes beyond merely installing heating and air conditioning systems, to actually planning out the best possible climate solutions. We’ll streamline, seal, route and reroute every aspect of your system to make sure it complements your Granite Bay home.

Bell Brothers: We Care About Our Work

We love HVAC work, and we care about doing it right. Treating clients like family is more than a nice thing to say–it’s something we’ve built our reputation on for decades now. Fairfield is a unique city, and we’re a unique company that wants to help its homes become energy efficient and its residents stay comfortable. We do it because we care, and we hope we’ll hear from you.