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Bell Brothers: HVAC & Plumbing Pros Serving Granite Bay, CA

Proudly Serving Communities and Families Across Placer County Since 1992

Good day, welcome to the Bell Brothers website – we’re a proud long-standing and local HVAC+Plumbing company in the Granite Bay area. Can we help you?

We put this particular webpage together specifically for Granite Bay homeowners who haven’t had a chance to work with us yet. Here you can find basic information on our business and what we do. On the other hand if you landed here just trying to find our local contact details, simply use the button below.

Now, that said, here’s a secret – our entire staff knows Granite Bay is one of the absolute without-question gems of Northern California. Every time we get a service call to the area our crews almost jump into a wrestling match over who gets to go!

  • What’s better than a beautiful, well-kept, close-knit lakeside community that’s always welcoming to quality service providers?
  • Driving around Granite Bay is always a feast for the senses – your homes are gorgeous, the landscaping is superb, and Folsom Lake is just always there, beckoning you.

HVAC and plumbing calls to Granite Bay towards the afternoons offers a special treat, as after a job well done, if there’s time you can go take in a few minutes of Zen at Dotons Point. But you know all this, so here’s the five bullet-point basics of Bell Bros for your consideration.

Get Premium HVAC & Plumbing Solutions in Granite Bay

  • Comprehensive HVAC Services: Since the glorious early 1990s, Bell Bros have been going far beyond the pale in reliable residential HVAC – consultations (just answering all your questions and keeping you informed), all kinds of AC & Furnace repairs, emergency maintenance and ongoing tune-ups, and of course new unit installations.
  • Full Residential Plumbing Services: From fixing leaky faucets and unclogging your pipes, to more extensive sewer work or fixture installations, Bell Bros are your local Granite Bay plumbers extraordinaire. We can handle indoor & outdoor residential projects in a speedy, professional, friendly and accommodating manner you’ll appreciate.
  • Get Good Deeds For Free ™: This is a program where all Bell Bros HVAC techs and plumbers are happy to help with ‘this or that’ task around the home to just, well, make the experience of working with us that much better. Things like taking the dog for a walk, taking out the trash, lifting heavy objects, fixing that pesky garage door remote, etc.
  • Enjoy Genuine Coverage: One of the core benefits to hiring an established service company is the incredible coverage. With HVAC & plumbing repairs and installations, it’s critical to put your home into the hands of a contractor you can trust will truly stand by their work! Bell Bros is a family-run and owned company, so we treat our customers like family, period. Be sure to browse our thousands of reviews to see for yourself.
  • 30+ Years of Local History: We’re most proud of our history in Greater Sacramento Metro. With thirty years under our belt, that’s tens of thousands of families and homes we’ve been a part of. Truth be told a good percentage of our customers are long-term, and you can see we’re your risk-free option in residential plumbing and HVAC.

See What Our Recent Customers Are Saying…True Service!

Earlier we mentioned the fact Bell Bros has accumulated probably close to 5,000 reviews by now. Obviously no one’s going to read all those. If you’re like most folks, you’ll dive into our Google reviews and skim for something that people are saying about us which is relevant to you.

For example, for a huge amount of homeowners in The Valley, they’re slightly remote and don’t expect the type of service we offer. For first-timers, it can be surprising. Here are two examples we’d like to show you from real customers.

We did shorten them a little and removed specific names (they’re still in the original reviews).

“I had a clog in my sewer line on a Sunday morning. I called at 8:30a.m. and they had a plumber at my home at 9:45a.m. They didn’t charge an outrageous after hours service call for being on a Sunday. How can you beat that? This company has earned my business for life! Thank you Bell Brothers for your excellent customer service and outstanding work ethic!”

It’s our pleasure. How about when you reach out to us via our website instead of a direct call?

“I put a request in today online. They called me within the hour and was able to send someone out a couple hours later which never happens where I live. The tech came out and couldn’t find a problem so he only charged me for the service call. He was super friendly and efficient.”

Get Help Today | Schedule With Bell Bros

The Bell Bro team is always standing ready to help our friends and neighbors in the Granite Bay area – your HVAC and plumbing-related issues are our specialty. Not only can we swoop in when emergencies pop up, but we can be your long-time dependable and transparent partner in HVAC maintenance. Thanks so much for your time.