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Most of the gossip we hear around Lathrop these days has to do with the new casting foundry Tesla is building in town. It’s going in on the site of the old Daimler Chrysler Center, but we’ve heard it’ll be even bigger. It no doubt means a lot of new jobs for Lathrop, which can only be a positive for a town that’s been going strong since the 1870s.

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We’ve been driving the circular streets above Green Belt Park doing all kinds of plumbing and HVAC jobs for the residents there for years, and the city’s multicultural makeup gives it a unique feel among Central Valley communities. As a pleasant result, you can find some great Indian and Asian restaurants in town, including Rasoi, Amici Sushi, and Golden Bowl Chinese.

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Just as the Central Valley changes across the seasons, Bell Brothers is always staying ahead of the game by offering a range of seasonal specials. Keep in touch with us to make sure you get all the savings available, from discounts on water heater installation, window replacement, or AC repairs, or rebates of up to $9,000 on solar and HVAC systems.