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Good day to you, and welcome to the Bell Brothers website – we’re a local family-owned ‘HVAC+Plumbing & More’ company that’s been serving Rescue, CA and towns just like it throughout The Valley for thirty years.

The page you’re currently on is here for homeowners in the Rescue area like you who haven’t worked with us yet. In what follows you’ll find some basic information about who we are as a company, what you can expect, and what we offer. On the other hand, if you’d rather just talk to one of our friendly staff directly, use the button below.

Now, here’s the two things we absolutely adore about your town Rescue whenever we get calls in the area.

  1. Of course picturesque Deer Valley Road, still considered the heart of the place, as it has been since it first started servicing the surrounding farming properties during the Gold Rush.
  2. The fact you can still learn about anything and everything that’s happening in town by browsing the bulletin board pinned to the post office.

Now that’s timeless small-town charm. We’re not big-city either, and grew up not far from where you’re at. Here’s the simple breakdown.

Bell Brothers: Rescue’s Reliable Name in HVAC & Plumbing

It’s not our intention here to toot our own horn, but rather to hopefully make you more comfortable with reaching out to us in a time of need. Here are the pillars of our business.

  • Comprehensive HVAC Services: Bell Bros have built a great company with HVAC services at their core. We can handle all your emergency AC/Furnace repairs, preventative maintenance and ongoing tuneups, and of course we’ll help you get the absolute best replacement HVAC units possible and install them with absolute precision.
  • Full Residential Plumbing Services: When you work with Bell Bro plumbers, you’re working with the best. They come exceptionally well-trained and experienced so that nothing surprises them – specializing in both indoor and outdoor residential plumbing. So whether it’s just a leaky faucet, simple clog, or extensive sewer issues, we can fix it.
  • Our Good Deeds for Free Ethic: This means our staff are more than happy to help with the little things around your home while we’re there helping with your HVAC or plumbing. And of course, all these little deeds are…FREE. We’re happy to provide that extra bit of friendly help and hard work to make your day better; home more comfortable.
  • Genuine Family-First Coverage: With Bell Bros, you’re covered. There are eight solid guarantees ensuring everything we touch and everything we work on offers protection so you have genuine peace of mind – the kind when dealing with a long-time family company.
  • Our Extensive Local History: One thing we’re NOT shy about is our local history here in The Sacramento Valley. Most companies don’t make it thirty years, but we have, and we plan on going another thirty thanks to the support of our family of customers like you.

Bell Brothers: Professional, Fast, and Effective Homecare Solutions

Rescue is a peaceful place, and you don’t want that quiet shattered by a rumbling, banging furnace. Bell Brothers has been servicing the area for years, and, in our time in town, we’ve found the cause of many a mystery noise coming from the in-home heating. So whether there’s a scraping, a popping, a shaking, or a thumping coming from your system, have one of our experts sort it out for you.

No matter what might be going wrong with your plumbing or air conditioner we can help. And we can offer financing, discounts, ongoing membership benefits and much more to see your family through many comfortable years (most of our customers are long-term).

Get Help or Schedule with Bell Brothers Today

Don’t hesitate one second. If you’re a Rescue, CA homeowner or you just live in the area and you’re wondering if we’ll come all the way out there, we sure will! Our staff are happy to answer any questions, address concerns you might have, or you can schedule a time to meet with one of our company professionals at your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you soon.