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There’s a new town center building up in Rescue. Deer Valley Road is still considered the heart of the place, as it has been since it first started servicing the surrounding farming properties during the Gold Rush. And you’ll still learn about anything and everything that’s happening in town by browsing the bulletin board pinned to the post office down there.

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But, if the Ponderosa Road neighborhoods continue to grow as they have been over recent years, there may be a call for a new Main Street-style center in the coming years. That community, and the areas just before you get to the Royal Legends Stables as you head east, look about ready to support some new businesses, which would be very exciting. That’s not official El Dorado policy, that’s just what we’ve been hearing, and we hear a lot of things as we drop in on people around town on our plumbing rounds.

Rescue and Bell Brothers: A Match That Works

Bell Brothers: Rescue’s Go-To for Decades

Rescue is a peaceful place, and you don’t want that quiet shattered by a rumbling, banging furnace. Bell Brothers has been servicing the area for years, and, in our time in town, we’ve found the cause of many a mystery noise coming from the in-home heating. So whether there’s a scraping, a popping, a shaking, or a thumping coming from your system, have one of our experts sort it out for you.

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