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Windows are so much more than just glass; many of us love to let light spill into every room, enhancing our homes with the picturesque Northern California views that surround us. Your home’s windows often make or break your family’s comfort, both functionally and aesthetically speaking. That’s why the local Sacramento Valley experts at Bell Brothers offer custom energy efficient window installations and upgrades—so you never have to choose between windows that look beautiful and windows that protect your favorite things in life.
Whether it’s retrofitting or upgrading windows on a home, we can manufacture any style window to fit your existing frame like it was custom made for it—because it is. And installation by one of our expert window installers is always included. Premade windows are a dime a dozen, but at Bell Brothers we get to know our customers and our community. We’re hometown boys. Every home, from Rocklin to Roseville, Modesto to Manteca, is unique in its own way—and needs windows to showcase its personality. Stylish windows without sacrificing quality and energy efficiency—that’s the Bell Brothers guarantee.

Single Pane vs Double Pane Windows Upgrades

The clothes you wear not only protect you from the elements but also allow you to express your personal style. Windows, in the same way, come in all shapes and sizes. But large, beautiful windows can make your home vulnerable to excessive heat loss and gain. That’s where functionality has to meet style. Bell Brothers offers the best of both worlds. We can customize options for you—everything from bay to bow to garden windows to glazed double. As window professionals we highly recommend double pane windows for homes in the Northern California Mediterranean climate, we can help you compare the major qualities of single pane against double pane windows in energy savings for yourself.

Comparing Single, Double & Triple Pane Windows

Single Pane Windows

If you have an older home, single pane windows probably came standard. They offer little insulation, meaning higher heating and cooling bills that negate any cost savings from the initial purchase.

Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows are made of two layers of glass with an argon gas (it’s a dense gas that both odorless and colorless that help increase thermal efficiency) sandwiched between. While they cost more up front, it is easily made up for over time in the savings on your monthly energy bill. This often makes double pane windows the best choice for energy efficiency, comfort, health—and as a long-term investment.

Triple Pane Windows

Like double pane options, triple pane windows have layers of glass encompassing an insulative gas to prevent heat transfer. But, it may take several decades to recoup your money in energy savings as they come with a hefty price. Additionally, these windows often have a coating called low-E on the interior layers to inhibit heat transfer. It also inhibits natural light as well though.

The Benefits of Custom Window Replacement

In my house, we love a good homemade apple pie. And custom windows are a lot like home cooking—they can be crafted according to your specific needs and tastes, without any additional fillers or accessories. Attention to detail guarantees the performance of your windows—and savings on your heating and cooling bills. That’s why Bell Brothers only installs custom made windows that outlast and outperform any prefabricated windows on the market.

Notable Benefits of Choosing Custom Windows

No damage to sheetrock or stucco

Windows designed specifically for your home will fit your existing frame without damaging your sheetrock or stucco. Bell Brothers window experts assess your home and customize windows to fit the wall width and the frame size. Windows are ready for installation within three to four weeks, then quickly and seamlessly installed in your home in a day or two.

Enhanced security

Windows designed for your home will have a tighter seal, making them much harder to break into. At Bell Brothers, we pride ourselves in our strict commitment to meeting the forced entry code, giving you and your family added security and peace of mind.

Improved soundproofing

Our custom made windows are made of thicker glass—two to three times thicker than our competitors, in fact. Thicker glass means less noise transfer into your home. Our frames aren’t hollow, either; instead, they’re filled with foam to provide an extra level of noise attenuation.

Mold and mildew control

Many prefabricated windows use metal spacers that allow moisture to collect inside your windows. We use ceramic spacers and vinyl framing which have a much lower failure rate and prevent the collection of condensate between panes and around your windows, reducing or eliminating mold and mildew.

The Advantages of Installing High-Efficiency Double Pane Windows

Whether it’s reducing energy or conserving water, no one understands the importance of saving resources quite like Californians. That’s why at Bell Brothers we pride ourselves on providing our customers with affordable, high-efficiency window options that help reduce energy use while improving home comfort levels. We can even work with your HOA to make sure that windows meet their criteria.

Benefits of Our Custom Made Windows

Rebates from local utilities

Upgrading your windows can take 15-20% of the heating and cooling load off of your HVAC system. If coupled with new ductwork and insulation, you can double your reduction, qualifying you for substantial rebates from local utility companies. In Northern California, both SMUD and PG&E provide rebates on high-efficiency windows as part of their home efficiency programs.

Low energy bills

Replacing your single pane windows with double pane retrofit upgrades can lower your energy bill as well. By providing extra insulation for your home, you give your HVAC system a much-needed break, allowing it to operate within optimal heating and cooling modes. That means you’re using less energy and saving on your power bill each month—and potentially on long-term HVAC maintenance as well.

Improved comfort

Installing high-efficiency windows in your home can vastly increase your family’s comfort levels, including reducing drafts and unwanted transfer of heat. High-efficiency, double pane windows let you enjoy natural light without drastically changing the climate in your home, regardless of the time of year. So what’re you waiting for? Call the team at Bell Brothers to schedule your consultation today!