How To Find The Right Residential Furnace Filter

Will buying a furnace be the last purchase you make toward keeping your home warm? No. You are going to need regular maintenance and furnace filters to keep it running efficiently. Filters need to be replaced monthly, but don’t despair, this expense is minimal. Furnace units usually have information somewhere on them specifying what type of filter works best for that particular model. There are several other ways to locate the right filter for your unit.

The instruction manual that came with your furnace will specify filters to use on your unit. They usually specify expensive furnace filters. Normally the instruction manual does not specify a universal filter model because they want you to run quality filters in order to get the most out of your furnace.

Instruction manuals typically list specific details about which filter will work best for that particular unit. The ratings on the efficiency and the ability to remove the contaminants are the most important features in a filter. Many furnace filter manufacturers claim that the filters may be able to stop bacteria and potential viruses from entering your lungs, where they can grow and cause illnesses.

You can use the information in the manual to find a filter at your local home improvement store. These filters may not be the name brand filters mentioned in the manual, but if the size and shape of the filter matches, you can use them. If in doubt, ask your heating and air technician.

Something expensive isn’t necessarily better than something that’s a bargain. Sometimes the most affordable filters make the best purchase, especially if you stick to a strict schedule of changing the filter every month. Changing filters regularly will keep your furnace unit running much better and will also help you control your utility bill.

Filters come individually packaged or with two or three packaged together. They are relatively flat and easy to store. Save time and money by having them handy when it’s time to replace the old one.

If you have any questions about your furnace maintenance or filters, visit Bell Brotherson the web for information and contact numbers for your area.