Are you Hearing Any of These AC Sounds?

AC Sounds

We’re finally starting to feel some of the warm spring weather we’ve been looking forward to since the start of winter. As we all know, the Central Valley can be hit incredibly hard by warm temperatures, so when the time comes to turn on your AC, it’s essential for everything to be working properly. Some of the most common calls we receive around the start of spring are about strange AC sounds. When you start your AC system for the first time, some noise is fine, expected even. The true problem comes when you’re hearing AC sounds on a consistent basis. Here are some of the most common AC sounds and what could be causing them.


If you start to notice a “click, click, click” noise coming from you AC vents, it could indicate a few things. First, there could be something stuck in your outdoor condenser. After a whole winter of wind, rain, and other strong weather, it’s possible something is stuck in your condenser. If you hear a clicking, check your condenser and see if there’s any obvious debris you can remove. If you can’t reach the debris, or need to disassemble the unit to do so, it’s time to call one of the HVAC specialists at Bell Brothers. They are expertly trained to go through your condenser and clean every piece; including any debris stuck inside. If you’ve inspected the condenser and see nothing strange, a continuous clicking could be a result of faulty or old electric. If you suspect there could be an electrical problem with your AC system, turn it off and call an HVAC specialist as soon as possible.


If you hear something that sounds like a loud bang, that’s not normal and should be investigated as soon as you can make an appointment with an HVAC professional. The reason this should be looked at so quickly is because banging can be an indicator that something is broken. Whether it’s a loose part or something that’s completely broken off, your AC needs to be checked out. The HVAC technicians at Bell Brothers are ready to help our Sacramento, Stockton, and Vacaville communities.

Screaming or Screeching

AC units can make a loud screaming or screeching noise for a few reasons. A refrigerant leak will cause the system to start screaming. If you suspect there’s a refrigerant leak in your AC unit, turn off the system immediately. Refrigerant can cause massive damage to your AC system and potentially harm you and your family. The other main cause of a screaming AC is pressure, or build-up, in the system. This buildup can put strain on the compressor, causing it to emit a loud screaming or screeching noise. This is another case when you want to turn off the system and call an HVAC specialist immediately.


Cars can squeal, pigs can squeal, but did you know your AC can squeal? When your AC system starts to squeal, the most common cause is a loose belt. Much like a car, the AC motor has a belt and when that belt is loose, or misaligned, it can cause a loud squealing sound. This squealing can get worse with temperature changes; hot and cold temperatures can cause the belt to expand and contract while it’s running your system. If you hear a squealing noise coming from your vents, call a professional HVAC technician as soon as you can.

Humming or Buzzing

When we say humming and buzzing, think an electrical hum. If you notice that noise coming from your AC system, it’s never a good thing. It could be an easy fix; like the feet on your compressor are old, which is causing the system to vibrate. Or it could be something much bigger; think a failing compressor. It could even mean it’s time to change your air filter. Either way, if you hear a buzzing you don’t need to turn off your system immediately, just call an HVAC technician to figure out what the problem could be.

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