Beat Summer Heat with New Windows

windows can keep your home cool.

As temperatures continue to climb, like they do every year, we often hear homeowners wondering what they can do to combat the sun’s grueling rays. Though it may not be your first thought, one great way to beat the summer heat is with new windows. Not only do windows serve as an important aesthetic feature of your home, they are incredibly important for your home’s overall comfort level. We’ve written before about how windows can help keep your home warm, but the same principle applies to heat. With the right windows, you can keep your home cool.

Enjoy Lower Cooling Costs

For many homeowners, it’s normal to see a spike in utility bills during the summer. It makes sense, your HVAC system sometimes needs to work harder than usual to combat Sacramento’s blazing heat. One of the best ways to beat your utility bills, and the summer heat, is with new windows. At Bell Brothers, we offer double pane windows that do two things during the hot summer: one, keep cool, treated air in, while keeping warm air out. Double pain windows can ensure your HVAC system is running at peak efficiency while lowering your carbon footprint. Nearly 25% of treated air can be lost through drafty windows. Ensure your home is at optimal comfort and efficiency with new windows.

Embrace New Technology

Really want to keep your home cool? Outdated window frames aren’t going to cut it. As technology grows and progresses over time, so does our knowledge of building materials. One of the most common changes we make when installing new windows is replacing aluminum frames with vinyl frames. The vinyl frames on Bell Brothers windows’ have extra chambers for insulation which will help keep your home cooler on the hottest of days. We also recommend a vinyl window frame for aesthetic reasons. IVinyl frames can keep their color and condition longer and handle harsher weather.

Why You Should Consider Tinting

There are some days when the sun feels like it’s breaking through your windows and into your home. While these days are hard, there’s something you can do about them. At Bell Brothers, we offer a SunShield option for your windows. SunShield is a tinting option that can be added to new windows. It acts as a pair of sunglasses for your home. Not only does this tinting block the hottest of summer rays, but it also blocks UV rays to help preserve rugs, furniture and art.

Benefit More Than Your Home Temperature

New windows do more than keep your home cool! Think of all the noises that come with summer. For some, it’s barbeques, for others, outdoor sports; either way, new windows can help minimize the noise that disrupts your home’s calm. An added bonus, is that newer windows are easier to keep clean. Bell Brothers windows come standard with infinite plus glass. This type of glass has a silicon/titanium dioxide coating on the exterior side of the glass that fills in small pores. Thanks to that coating, infinite glass repels dirt and debris with water to easily keep glass clean. Additionally, tracks and screens can be easily removed for deeper cleaning. And possibly the best part, new windows can add resale value to your home.

Windows Keep Your Home Cool All Summer Long! Call Bell Brothers for more info!

If you want to learn more about your window options and how they can keep your home cool and comfortable, give us a call! Our skilled Window Comfort Advisors and Installers have served the Sacramento area for almost 30 years and we have intimate knowledge of the climate and what homeowners need. To meet your window specialist, call the number at the top of the screen today.