Bell Brothers Can Help You Stay Cool This Summer


Yes, it’s true! Bell Brothers Can Help You Stay Cool This Summer!

If your air conditioner is not providing the level of comfort that you need during the hot summer months, the unit probably needs servicing or repair. If you don’t have a regular certified HVAC technician that services your system, you will want to select and schedule an A/C repair service. Here are a few suggestions that will make the decision-making process a little easier.

Look for a Sacramento based HVAC repair company. The company should have a physical address and local telephone number. Companies that are out of your general area will likely have higher rates by virtue of transportation charges added to the repair bill. In many cases, you won’t find out about the travel charge until the work is finished.

Inquire about paying by credit card – if there are any discrepancies or disputes about the job they have performed or the parts they have charged you for, paying by credit card will simplify possible recourse. Consider a reputable company like Bell Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning that offers a satisfaction guarantee.

Check the background and credentials of the company service technicians – these technicians have to be certified, licensed and trained in all aspects of HVAC. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof before having a technician come out to your house. Remember that the experienced and skilled technician can ascertain the problem and repair it correctly and quickly, so you can start enjoying a comfortable temperature inside your home again.

Remember that air conditioning and heating units are electrically operated devices and will not last forever. At some point in time, no amount of preventative maintenance is going to improve the efficiency of the unit or help to avoid repair work. You may want to consider replacing your A/C unit once it reaches 10 years old. This is the average lifespan of an air conditioning unit.

Finally, you should always have an HVAC specialist you can rely on for preventative maintenance on your air conditioning and heating systems. Schedule maintenance of your air conditioner in spring time before the weather heats up, and the HVAC repair companies get busy. Schedule the heating unit maintenance in the fall before the colder weather settles in and their calendar becomes full.