Busting Replacement Window Myths

Replacement Window

Windows are an essential part of any home, but oftentimes they’re the most misunderstood. They are so much more than a protective pane of glass, they’re your opening to the world. Windows keep you safe and comfortable, they serve more than one necessary function. The more we talk to Sacramento homeowners, the more we realize there are a lot of myths and stories surrounding window replacement. That’s why we’re busting the most common window replacement myths.

Myth 1: You Can’t Replace Windows During the Summer or Winter

Window pros, like the technicians at Bell Brothers, are trained to handle any and all weather. If we were to cease business during the hot summer and cold winter, we wouldn’t have stayed open for the last 20 years. When we replace windows, we do so in a way that’s is responsible for the homeowner and conscious of the weather. Our technicians replace one window at a time, ensuring the home is temperature controlled. We also seal off the room where the window replacement is being performed so that the rest of the home is not affected.

Myth 2: Wood Windows are the Best Windows

When you think about windows, chances are you think of a sturdy, wood frame. This is an old idea. Yes, wood windows are great for some homes and have their time and place. But, just as technology is growing and expanding, so are your options for windows. For some homes, vinyl is the best option, for others, wood. It all depends on the individual home and the homeowner’s needs. Vinyl won’t expand and contract like wood, vinyl lasts longer than wood, and vinyl doesn’t rot like wood. The choice is yours, but our technicians can offer the best vinyl window solutions for your needs. At this time, we do not carry or replace wood windows.

Myth 3: All Windows Are the Same

Many homeowners think a window is a window. This is not true at all. Windows now come with single, double, or triple pane options. For our Central Valley homeowners, we only carry single and double pane windows, our weather is moderate enough that we do not need triple pane windows. Shape and size options as well as materials. Your windows are the embodiment of form and function; they are as unique as your home. When it comes to choosing new or replacement windows, there are a huge number of options to consider. So many that most homeowners can easily be overwhelmed by the process. Don’t worry though, we’re here to assess your home and help find the best solution.

Myth 4: Windows Won’t Affect My Energy Bill

It’s a well-known fact that a majority of your energy bill is devoted to HVAC, but your windows, and window quality, will make a difference on your utility bill. Just as insulation protects your home from extreme hot and cold, so do your windows. The average home can lose up to 30% of heating and cooling energy through windows. According to Energy Star, new windows can shrink your energy bill by an average of 12%. Additionally, new windows will help shrink your carbon footprint.

Myth 5: I Can Save Money by Replacing Windows Myself

Do it yourself, or DIY, is great for small home projects. But when it comes to larger projects, like replacing your windows, it’s best to call the professionals at Bell Brothers. It can be easy to look up a tutorial on YouTube to see how a seasoned installer removes and replaces windows; it is a whole different matter to try and do it on your own. Every home has its own structure and style, our window installation experts know and understand this. What works for one YouTuber won’t necessarily work for you. Also, special tools are required to install the insulation that goes along with new windows. While you may be able to change a window, the final installation may leave you wanting more. In this case, it’s always best to rely on the pros.

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