How Clean Is Your Sacramento Home’s Air? Home Air Purifiers Keep Smoke, Allergens, and Bacteria Out

home air purifierWe’re big fans of early-adopters! Over the years our clients have been on the front line of all sorts of technology, from heat pumps, to programmable thermostats, to PEX plumbing. We love helping folks reap the benefits that new tech has to offer, and right now we’re pretty excited about a great piece of technology that will help homeowners breathe easier in their own houses! We’re talking about UV air purifiers, and we believe they’re the future of clean air in the home. More reliable than traditional air filters, they require much less maintenance while providing much better filtration. The result is a headache-free system that will fix most problems you may have with your home’s air quality, keeping your air clean and fresh!

How Home Air Purifiers Work

Like any air filtration system, ActivTek’s INDUCT 2000 brings air in one side and sends it out the other, clean. But what happens in between is really fascinating, and a little complicated. We’ll break it down for you as simply as possible:

The INDUCT 2000 isn’t exactly an air scrubber or just an air filter. It does use filters, but unlike scrubbers it does more than just filter the air several times. Air passes through the system, and as it does it’s subjected to UV light, ions, and plasma–all of which come together to purify the air like nothing else. Filters remove larger particles, and smaller particles are blasted by the purifier. This means the ActivTek is a lot more efficient than other methods of air cleaning, especially when it comes to biological organisms like disease-carrying bacteria. The air that enters your home is as clean as clean can be–in some cases, these systems can remove up to 99% of the material in the air!

Benefits to Your Home

The primary benefit to home air purifiers is obvious: cleaner air! You may think the air in your home is pretty clean, and if you changed your filters recently and your system is running well, your air probably is pretty clean. But even if that’s the case, it’s not nearly as clean as it could be. The INDUCT 2000 works better than regular air filters do–they can stop smaller particles, filter out more odors, and even stop smoke from entering the home. They’re setting a new standard for home air cleanliness, a standard that’s been tested independently and backed up by science. This is especially important for people with asthma or other respiratory concerns.

We have a client whose child had severe asthma attacks, especially in the summer when pollen came in from the fields, and smoke came in from the wildfires! He always kept his inhaler on his person because he was worried that if an asthma attack came on, he might not be able to get to it in time if it was in another room. This was someone living in fear in their own home, and after we consulted with them we determined that the ActivTek 2000 purifier was right for their needs. Installation was quick and simple, and his symptoms were greatly alleviated after the purifier was installed. We’ve seen this technology work wonders first-hand, and we’re excited to offer it to our clients!

Installation and Maintenance

Installation is a breeze. We insert the purifier into your existing duct, between your intake and the rest of the system. Any air entering the HVAC system (which is how most air enters the home) has to pass through the purifying process before it can go anywhere else. Professional installation guarantees everything is done right. It also means the device warranty is intact, and your installer will have their own installer’s warranty as well.

Another great benefit to these air purifiers is ease of maintenance. Unlike home air purifiers with disposable filters, ActivTek purifiers only require maintenance every three years–when you remove the ActivPure cell and put in a new one.[5.] It really is that simple, and these systems very rarely break down. Bell Brothers is happy to service air purifiers that we install, which means that maintenance and repair will be taken care of by a professional you trust, for a fair price.

If you’re concerned about the air in your home, you may be ready to reap the benefits of this great new technology. Whether you’re trying to mitigate the effects of asthma on a family member, keep out next summer’s allergens and wildfire smoke, or just want to breathe truly clean air in your own home, contact Bell Brothers for a quote on a new purifier. Trust us–you’ve never had air this clean!