How Pipe Replacement Will Improve Your Water Quality

Your water pipes grow old over time, along with your home. Old pipes can introduce contamination and decrease the quality of your water. Did you know that replacing your old pipes can almost instantly improve your water quality? Here are all the details you need to know about your water pipes and why they may need to be inspected and replaced.

What’s Wrong with Old Pipes?

Old pipes can cause many problems for your home’s plumbing system and water quality. Here are a few of the most common ways that old pipes can affect the quality of your water.


One major issue that old pipes can cause in your plumbing system is leaks. This happens when pipes are broken down over time. When your water pipes spring a leak, dirt and minerals can enter your water supply.

If leaks in your plumbing system are due to the age and condition of your pipes in one area, it’s highly likely that other areas of your pipes can have the same problem. It’s time to have them inspected and replaced by a professional.


Corrosion happens when the inside walls of your pipes are deteriorated by constant water contact and mineral buildup. This will result in leaks, ruptures, mineral clogs, and pressure buildups and create an accumulation of rust. The only true fix to corroded pipes is to have them replaced, as there is nothing else you can do about corrosion.

Emergency Repairs

Plumbing emergency repair bills can be astronomical, depending on the subsequent damage. When your water pipes are corroded or old, it may lead to large leaks and cracks in your plumbing system. Emergency repairs can be avoided, though. Pipe replacement will help to avoid these kinds of issues, which will decrease the chances of needing an emergency repair and save you money.

Dirty, Bad-Tasting Water

You may suspect your pipes have a leak or corrosion if you’re noticing a bad taste and smell or are seeing particles of rust and dirt floating around in your drinking water. This happens when those minerals enter your water supply due to old pipes and corrosion and are carried through your water pipes to you.

How New Pipes Improve Your Water Quality

As soon as your new pipes are installed you will notice a big difference in your water quality. Below are the top 3 ways that new water pipes will drastically improve the quality of your water.

Cleaner Water

Your water will be instantly cleaner when you replace your water pipes. This will make your water safe for consumption and free from strange smells and tastes. You will also notice that there are no longer dirt particles floating in your water.

Free From Corrosion

Corroded pipes can be dangerous for your health due to rust and other minerals entering into your drinking water. When your pipes are not corroded you’ll notice that these particles are no longer present in your water system. Corrosion-free pipes are also less prone to ruptures and leaks.

All Pipes Are Made from the Same Materials

When your water pipes consist of more than one type of material or metal, the rate at which they break down is amplified. Because this will cause your pipes to break down faster, having all pipes made out of the same material will extend the life of your water pipes. When your pipes are replaced they will all be made from the same material.

Other Reasons to Replace Your Piping

Replacing your water pipes greatly improves the quality of your water. But there are a couple of other reasons to get a pipe replacement you may not have thought of.

Decreased Risk of Weak or Busted Pipes

Replacing your water pipes will ensure that they are made from new, strong pipes. This will help prevent your pipes from bursting. Strong pipes will also last much longer than old, weak pipes, which will help your water system remain effective for years to come.

Increased Property Values

If you’re looking for a way to increase the property value of your home, updating your water pipes can do just that. When your pipes are replaced they will last longer and have fewer issues than old or corroded pipes. This will help the value of your home increase.

Can You Replace Plumbing Pipes Yourself?

While it’s easy to replace your own showerhead or faucet there are some plumbing jobs that should be left to a professional. Pipe replacement is one of those jobs. A licensed plumber is equipped with the right tools and skills to complete the job properly and safely.

Call Bell Bros and Improve Your Water Quality

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