How to Lower Your Sewer Bill: The Best Tips and Tricks for California Homeowners

how to lower your sewer billThere aren’t really any bills that are fun to pay. There are things like credit card and auto loan bills that can mean you bought a new, fun thing—but actually paying for them? Well, it can be kind of a drag. I think this is double (or maybe triple) true for utility bills, some of which are certainly less glamorous than others. I’m thinking specifically about the sewer bill, which isn’t all that fun to contemplate, but is even less fun to pay.

That’s why today I want to talk about how to lower your sewer bill. Not a lot of folks are aware this can be done, but I really think it’s a win-win situation: you end up paying less money and also using up less water, which is especially important in a region like Northern California that is so prone to droughts.

The Best Tips for How to Lower Your Sewer Bill in California

I could probably give you a gazillion ideas for how to lower your sewer bill, but here are my favorites. These are the simple ones that you can easily implement yourself. Don’t be fooled by how easy these tips are, though! If you implement all of them, you’ll see dramatic savings on your sewer bill—and a big drop in your water usage.

With that in mind, here are my best tips for how to lower your sewer bill:

Sewer Bill Tip #1: Do Your Dishes the Smart Way

how to lower your Sacramento sewer billI used to be one of those people who never filled up the sink when doing dishes. Instead, I would let the water run down the drain while I washed and rinsed. Once I found out just how much water I was wasting, though, my habits changed.

If you want to change yours for the better, too, fill your sink with a bit of sudsy water and use it to do your dishes. Not only will you save water (and money on that sewer bill) but you’ll also find yourself enjoying doing the dishes. Soaking your hands in warm, soapy water at the end of a long day feels so good.

Sewer Bill Tip #2: Use a Rain Sensor on Your Sprinkler

Sprinklers that automatically turn on to water your lawn can be a huge expense on your water bill—and a huge waste of one of California’s most precious resources. I’d suggest investing in a rain sensor so that your sprinkler won’t turn on unless your lawn actually needs a good drink. Alternatively, you could simply manually operate your sprinkler so that you ensure not a single drop is wasted.

Sewer Bill Tip #3: Test Your Toilet

If you have a toilet that is constantly running, it’s a silent water waster that most homeowners overlook. To test if your toilet is leaking or not, try putting a drop of food coloring in the toilet tank and check back in an hour or so to see if the water in the bowl is colored. If it is, you’ve got a leak which means you likely need to replace your fill valve with the help of a plumber.

Sewer Bill Tip #4: Use a Broom to Keep Your Driveway Clean

While many Californians know better than to do this, some still clean their driveways by hosing them down with water. While it certainly gets the job done, if you’re looking to lower your sewer bill, try sweeping your driveway instead. Sure, it takes a little extra effort, but it can save you big bucks while preserving a ton of water.

Sewer Bill Tip #5: Install Low-Flow Plumbing

I’ve talked about low-flow plumbing recently, but, essentially, it helps reduce the water flow in your faucets, showers, and toilets—often without really decreasing water pressure. I’ve got low flow fixtures in my shower, on my faucets, and in my toilets, and I don’t even notice that I’m using a lot less water. What I do notice is the money I save on my sewer bill each month.

Ask a Plumbing Expert for Help to Lower Your Sewer Bill

One thing that I recommend to anyone interested in lowering their sewer bill and reducing water consumption is to work with a local, California plumbing professional, like the friendly folks at Bell Brothers. Anyone well-versed in plumbing repair will be able to give you all the info you need to reduce water consumption in your home. They’ll be able to install low-flow plumbing in your house and do a free in-home assessment to see if there are any major plumbing leaks in your pipes that are secretly draining your water—and your wallet.

If all of that doesn’t sound good enough, the plumbing pros at Bell Brothers can also help you take advantage of any potential Northern California plumbing rebate programs that can help save you money on the purchase and installation costs associated with plumbing upgrades, like low-flow plumbing—just in case conserving water and saving money wasn’t incentive enough.

I know that paying bills isn’t the most glamorous thing in the world, but if you do implement my water saving tips, you may actually find yourself looking forward to paying your sewer bill. Watching it go down has become a bit of a game for me to see just how low I can get it. If conserving water is your game, then paying your sewer bill can actually be kind of fun after all.

At Bell Brothers, our trained plumbing professionals would be happy to help make your home more water efficient by fixing leaks and cracks in your plumbing and installing low-flow fixtures. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation.

Image courtesy Zinkevych