Is HVAC Financing Right for You?

Is HVAC Financing Right for You

Are you looking to install a new HVAC system or make a major repair on your current system? It’s great to have a comfortable, energy-efficient home, but paying for it isn’t fun.

Fortunately, there are HVAC financing options that you can use to manage the cost of your HVAC system. Find out more about HVAC loans!

What Are HVAC Loans?

HVAC loans work like home or auto loans. You can finance the cost of a new HVAC system with smaller payments each month, rather than paying a big price for your system all at once.

If you’re a little strapped for cash, HVAC loans are ideal for breaking up your purchase into smaller, more manageable payments. You do have to have fair or good credit to get a loan, however, and your score affects your interest rates.

Let’s take a look at your loan options for your HVAC system:

HVAC Company Financing

HVAC companies often offer HVAC financing as a convenient option for homeowners. Bell Brothers HVAC has plenty of financing options to help you get your HVAC upgrade with a personalized payment plan with manageable monthly installments that fit your budget.



Even if you’re looking to buy your HVAC system upfront, it’s worth checking out financing options to see what deals you can get.

Bank Financing

Bank loans are a good option for getting financing for your HVAC. It’s also easier if you work with a bank that provides your mortgage or auto loan.

HVAC Financing

It’s not without its downsides, however, such as high interest rates and a challenging application process. You also have to wait for approval, which can take a while and isn’t ideal if you need an HVAC system in the middle of the heating or cooling season.

Credit Union Financing

Credit unions work a lot like banks and offer loans for things like home improvements. They have an advantage over banks, however, in that they offer lower interest rates. It’s also easier to get approved for a loan if you’re a current credit union member, and they’ll look at your entire credit history beyond just a credit score.

If you aren’t a current member of a credit union, it takes more work. You have to look for local credit unions and apply to become a member, which can be stringent and time consuming.

Government FHA Title 1 Loans

Government Federal Housing Association (FHA) Title 1 loans provide financing for home improvements like HVAC systems and other appliances. You may be eligible for up to $7,500 for your purchase through Title 1 loans. You can find out more at the FHA website.

What About Credit Cards?

Credit cards are a go-to for many homeowners looking to make home improvement purchases. Depending on your available credit, you can make a big purchase and pay it off over time with monthly payments.

You will have interest with credit card payments, however, which will increase the total cost of your HVAC system. It also ties up your available credit until it’s paid off, and you can end up in a cycle of debt.

If you want to use a credit card, it’s best to look for promotional offers for low interest or zero Annual Percentage Rate (APR) cards. This gives you some time to pay off your purchase without a lot of interest.

Key Points to Consider When Taking Out a Loan

It’s always good to shop around before getting an HVAC loan. Here’s what to watch out for:


Your APR is the interest rate that’s applied to your loan over a year-long period. It’s best to get a low APR to avoid paying a lot in interest. Make sure you understand the APR by reading your loan or credit card contract.

Monthly Repayments

The monthly payments with a loan are often easier for people than paying thousands of dollars at one time, but it’s still vital that your payment is affordable. Otherwise, you could have missed payments that lead to late fees and other charges that cost you much more in the long run.


If you are comparing financing options, check the rates and terms to determine which is the most competitive. Some utility companies offer rebates for appliance upgrades that are energy efficient. Search for deals at the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency. You may also be eligible for tax rebates or credits under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

HVAC financing Discounts

Lender Fees

Along with interest, lenders may have fees and charges that add to the cost of your HVAC system. Watch for any added fees when you evaluate your loan options.

The Benefits of HVAC Financing

When you work with a respected HVAC company like Bell Brothers, you can access financing for your HVAC system in a convenient and trusted place. We offer a range of financing options to help you get your home upgrade without paying an arm and a leg.

If you’re shopping for a new HVAC system and interested in financing, contact us at Bell Brothers.