Tune-up your Furnace

We don’t know about you, but we are sure excited about some nice fall weather here in Sacramento. Now is a great time to tune-up your furnace in the Sacramento region. Don’t wait to make sure your heater or furnace is working properly. Bell brothers is currently offering a special discount on our signature 30 point furnace tune up.

What to expect form a Furnace Tune-up

When it comes to finding a contractor in the Sacramento and surrounding area to perform a seasonal tune up on your Furnace or Heater, there is definitely a range of experiences you could have. A tune-up should cost less than a hundred dollars. It’s important to be wary of contractors willing to do a tuneup for less than $50. You must consider that the business will have a cost associated with the labor of the technician, gas, insurance etc. If the cost is too low they may count on selling you something just to recoup the cost of the visit. Also when a contractor offers a 30 point inspection, don’t hesitate to ask when booking the appointment what those points are when scheduling your appointment. A reputable contractor will be prepared to share exactly what you will get for your money. Another way to determine if you are hiring the right company is to take a look at their online reviews. Google has a new tool called, “Google” my business that allows customers to leave feedback, there are also paid sites like Angie’s list that are reputable. Nevertheless, you can always count on Bell Brothers to do the job right, and give you the best value for your investment.

Tune-Up your Furnace or Heater for Safety and Efficiency This Winter

Being sure your home is prepared for the upcoming winter months. Having one of our certified, well trained technicians perform a 30 point furnace tune-up is one of the best decisions you can make for the safety of your Family.  When Bell Brothers completes a 30 point tune up, When you tune-up your furnace with Bell Brothers, we guarantee your furnace will not break down all season or we will refund your investment. To see our complete list of guarantees click here!   You will have peace of mind all winter long knowing that Bell Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Air always guarantees the work we perform.  So, if your ready to tune-up your furnace, give the “No Surprise Guys” at Bell Brothers a call at 916-444-1234 or simply fill out the appointment request form below.

Now, through 10/31/14 Bell Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Air is running their pre-season furnace tune up special.  Tune -up your furnace for only $87. Schedule your appointment today before you really starting using your furnace and need it the most!

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