Water Heater Repair in Sacramento: Signs You Should Call a Professional

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water heater repair sacramentoNothing against summer but my favorite seasons in Sacramento are fall and winter. The blistering 110 degree days are (usually) long gone and all our world famous trees are changing colors. Winter fruits and vegetables are piled high at our farmer’s markets, everything from sweet potatoes to squash. It gives the city a certain cozy feeling—well, as long as your water heater is in proper working order.

Nine times out of ten, the folks I meet who don’t appreciate the winter as much as I do are usually the exact same folks who have been resisting getting water heater repairs done in their Sactown homes. They’re a little fed up with going weeks at a time without knowing if they can rely on getting a nice hot shower or not. In the cold winter months, a warm shower can really make a big difference in your morning.

Every homeowner in Sacramento should know the most common signs that they need a professional water heater repair. Water heater problems can be a bit slow to build up. One day, your shower is a little cooler than normal, and then a little cooler, and then a little cooler still until suddenly it’s not warm at all and you have to call a residential plumbing service to get it fixed. With winter here, my professional advice is to call in an expert company like Bell Brothers as soon as you notice the temperature drop—in your shower that is. Don’t wait for your home’s water to be as chilly as the overnight temps when help is just a free in-home estimate away.

Common Signs It’s Time for Water Heater Repair in Your Sacramento Home

sacramento, ca water heater repair and replacementThe first step in making sure your water heater is healthy and reliable is knowing how to spot common water heater problems. Let’s take a look at some of the common issues our Bell Brothers professionals find themselves fixing:

  • Cold or lukewarm water: There are two major temperature signs that your water heater may be in need of repair. Either the water comes out cold and stays cold, no matter how long you wait for it to heat up, or it starts out lukewarm and depletes quickly, becoming as cold as the water in the first scenario. This almost always indicates an issue with the heating element in the water heater, the part of the water heater that gets hot and heats the water.
  • Low water pressure: Sometimes the water pressure drops big time and your normally hot shower is more of a trickle. The reason for this is easy for us to understand here in Sacramento. Most of us know that the Sacramento River has to be dredged annually because sediment builds up and, if left unchecked, it can make it hard for ships to pass through. Well, sediment can also build up in your water heater, making it hard for the water inside to easily pass through. When this happens, you’ll want to call a professional plumbing service to come take care of it.
  • Water leaks: Depending on where your water heater is located in your house, you might be able to notice that the pipes supplying it with water have sprung a leak. Like any and all leaks that come up in your house, this isn’t a good sign. At. All. You’ll want to get a professional plumber out to fix this ASAP.

Bell Brothers is Sacramento’s No Surprise Guys when it comes to water heater repair. The price we quote is guaranteed to be the price you pay. Get in touch with our local professionals for a free in-home estimate by call 916-226-9799 or by clicking HERE for our online scheduling tool. 

Professional Replacement When Water Heater Repairs Are Doing the Job

My biggest complaint about the winter and fall in Sacramento is that it eventually has to come to an end. I know, I know, all things must end and, actually, that bit of wisdom applies to the water heater in your home as well. The average life expectancy of most water heaters is 8 to 12 years. If your water heater has outlived its life expectancy and you start to experience some of the signs I’ve listed above on a regular basis, I highly recommend you have your water heater replaced instead of letting repairs pile up, costing you much more in the long-run when a replacement becomes inevitable.

One of the more recent technology developments for water heaters is the tankless water heater, which our team at Bell Brothers is highly trained in installing. A tankless water heater, however, is a bit more expensive than standard options, usually costing an additional 15 to 20 percent more. So, a question I hear a lot is: is a tankless water heater worth the money? In a word, yes. Tankless water heaters do their job instantly, meaning you don’t have to wait for your shower to heat up. This makes them more water efficient. Because of this, there are a number of rebate offers homeowners can take advantage of when they invest in one. At Bell Brothers, we can walk you through the rebate process and find the best fit for your home—and we can install it too, so you don’t have to worry about all that work.

So yes, as a big fan of winter, I know that a steaming hot shower is just as refreshing and important on a cold morning as that first cup of coffee. If your water heater is on the brink of cutting out on you, keep an eye out for the signs above and call in the pros before that first morning of nothing but freezing cold shower water has a chance to surprise you. I know it’s silly, but everyone and their mother seem to love summertime, so I feel like those of us over here on team winter need all the support we can get. I’d hate to lose any of you because of a water heater in need of repair.

Make sure water heater repairs in your Sacramento home are taken care of throughout winter. Contact the experienced heating, cooling, and plumbing professionals at Bell Brothers today.

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