The Hero Program

How The Hero Program Works For Energy Conscious Homeowners In California

In our line of work, we hear from a lot of homeowners who want to make their homes more energy or water efficient, and those folks have plenty of different reasons for that. Some have researched how energy efficient windows and doors, HVAC units, or solar panels can save them money. Others are mainly concerned about the environment, or about our state’s ongoing drought—efficiency is a big issue here in Northern California right now.

Our Mediterranean climate means we enjoy summers that force us to endlessly run our air conditioners, and months and months when it’s unlikely that we’ll see even a single cloud, making things like energy efficient AC units and solar panels fantastic investments.

Transitioning your home to greater energy efficiency, however, can take quite a bit of money. Now, in the long run, it often pays for itself, but that doesn’t change the fact that a good deal of capital needs to be spent right up front.

Luckily, there’s financing available for energy conscious homeowners in Northern California who want to invest in energy and water efficiency. And that’s where the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) Program comes in. Learn how HERO can help you upgrade your home’s overall efficiency through special financing for HVAC systems, solar panels, plumbing, landscaping, windows and doors, or cooling.

The Who, What, Where Of The Hero Program

The HERO Program is a unique financing option that helps homeowners afford energy efficient upgrades to their home. HERO is, of course, far more complicated than just that, so let’s go through some quick facts before we get into the nuances of it all.

How The Hero Program Works For You

If you live in a city that’s adopted the HERO Program, like Sacramento, Stockton, or more than a dozen others we serve, you may be eligible. HERO offers more consumers access to energy efficient options because it’s an assessment on your property. Approvals are primarily based on the equity in your home rather than your credit score.

Once a homeowner is approved, and upgrades have been made, they begin to pay back their financing amount through their property taxes, and the interest on these payments may be tax deductible*. Homeowners don’t have to make any upfront payments when working with the HERO Program—the payments are made with their annual property tax bill and homeowners repay the full amount over time.

Renovations eligible through the HERO program include:

1. HVAC and AC systems
2. Windows and doors
3. Plumbing and water heating appliances
4. Solar panels
5. Drought-resistant landscaping
6. Roofing

The Hero Application and Financing Process

Now that you’ve learned a bit about the HERO Program, chances are you’re interested in taking advantage of its unique financing options. We highly recommend HERO to all our clients considering eligible upgrades who can’t pay for the cost in full upfront. And, it’s actually pretty simple for homeowners to apply. Let’s look at how you get financing first:

Homeowners may also want to explore the possibility of an energy or water audit. It’s not required by the HERO Program, but we recommend it, especially if you’re looking to have improvements made on your entire property. An audit by a certified professional is a great way to determine which of HERO’s eligible products will have the biggest impact on your home. Plus, the cost is covered in the HERO Program financing.

You may also need to procure a building permit, though this varies from city to city, and your contractor should be able to help you with this. If this sounds overwhelming, don’t forget that, throughout your renovations, the HERO Program is there to offer guidance.

The Renovation Process When Working With Hero

Renovations are always a little stressful, but HERO is here to help. They offer ongoing support, before, during, and after your home upgrades and renovations.

The Hero Program’s Many Efficient Upgrades

How To Find The Right Hero Contractor

Once you have your financing in place, and a basic idea of your desired renovations, it’s time to find the right contractor. Energy and water efficiency upgrades are complicated work, so you really want to take careful steps to find a contractor you can trust. These contractors should meet the following requirements:

Experience and knowledge are obviously two desirable traits in any contractor, but especially in those who are going to work with you on the HERO Program. At Bell Brothers, we’re well-versed in energy-efficient technology, as well as what the HERO Program’s financing options do and don’t cover. This year alone, we’ve helped dozens of homeowners install upgrades that are being financed through the HERO Program, and we can do the same for you.

Northern California and Hero

Of the communities Bell Brothers serves, the following are eligible to participate in the HERO Program:

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In addition, the HERO Program is available to any homeowner in unincorporated areas in the counties above.

Bell Brothers + The Hero Program = Energy and Cost Efficiency

One thing that may have caught your attention is that in order to take advantage of the HERO Program, you need to have a certified contractor on your team who you can trust. This is especially helpful when it comes to getting all your questions answered, and, trust me, most homeowners will have questions at some point throughout the renovation process.

For example, what happens if you take a 15-year financing option, but want to sell your home after 10 years? Homes with HERO assessments can be sold, or refinanced, at any point—HERO offers a variety of options, including transferring all or part of any remaining financing balance to the new owner. HERO’s in-house team of real estate professionals, HERO Property Advisors, is available to answer any HERO-related questions about buying, selling, or refinancing.

At Bell Brothers, we’re proud to be a part of HERO’s network of contractors, helping homeowners improve their energy­ efficiency through HVAC, AC, window, plumbing, and solar upgrades. We’ll help you conserve water and energy. C​onnect with us today​ to learn more about how you can take advantage of the program and team up with Bell Brothers and HERO.

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