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Anatomy of a Replacement Window

Anatomy of a Replacement Window

Anatomy of a Replacement WindowWindows have come a long way since they were first introduced on the market. What started as a single pane of glass set into wood is now a complex design with multiple panes, insulation, and even gas. Along with these advancements come industry-specific terms that most people don’t know. That’s why we’re sharing the anatomy of a replacement window, what everything is called, and what use is serves.

Basic Parts of a Window

No matter how modern or advanced a window is, there are always three basic parts:
  1. Panes – The most basic part of a window is the pane. It’s a sheet of glass that fits into the frame and connects to the sash. Windows can come in single, double, or triple panes.
  2. Frame – The frame is the structure of the entire window. It supports all panes and the sash. The frame is made of three parts. The jambs, which forms the side of the window. The head sits at the very top of the window, and the sill is the bottom where everything comes together.
  3. Sash – A sash is what holds the windowpane in place. It also allows the window to move up and down. The sash fits inside the window frame.
No matter the style or design of the windows in your home, they will have these three basic parts.

What About Modern Windows?

When it comes to modern and energy efficient replacement windows, like the ones offered by Bell Brothers, the sky is truly the limit. We give clients as many options as we can so their home can reflect their wants, needs, and person style. Some parts that make up our modern window are:
  • Gas – One of the many reasons we always recommend double pane windows is because of the extra layer of protection from weather and noise. Most double pane windows have a layer of gas between the panes, giving it an extra layer of insulation.
  • Insulation – Just like the gas offers protection from the outside temperature, so does insulation. Modern windows have layers of insulation in the frame and sash; ensuring that your home stays cool during the summer and warm during the winter.
  • Spacers – What holds the two panes in place? The correct answer is a spacer. A spacer makes sure the window panes stay the proper distance apart, as well as providing a seal to keep the gas between the window panes, while keeping moisture out.
  • Rail – On a double hung window, the style of window you can push up and down, the rail is where two sashes meet in the middle.
  • Balance – When you open and close a window, the balance controls the weight of the window. It’s found at the center of the window.
  • Jambliner – In addition to a window jamb, most windows have a jambliner. A jambliner helps to perfectly fit the window in the frame.
  • Casing – The casing is the molding that goes around the window. It can provide a decorative touch to the inside of your home.
  • Weatherstrip – Weatherstrips are essential for home comfort and HVAC efficiency. The weatherstrip is a material that stops any air leaks from inside or outside the window. It secures your window so outdoor air stays outside and treated air stays inside.

Want to Learn More About Your Window Options?

If you’re looking at a replacement window, or you want to just learn more about the anatomy of a replacement window, we’re here for you. The window experts at Bell Brothers are here to answer any questions you may have. Simply call the number at the top of the screen or click here to book an appointment online. Bell Brothers proudly serves members in our Sacramento, Stockton, Vacaville, and Bay Area communities.