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Safety Dangers of Space Heaters

Safety Dangers of Space Heaters

Safety Dangers of Space HeatersOne of the best things about living in Sacramento is the weather. It stays sunny and warm most of the year and we only see cool weather for a total of three to four months. Though we only see a short amount of winter, our winters are cold. Because of this, we see too many homeowners ignore the safety dangers of space heaters and use these devices as a short term heating solution. While space heaters are a good way to keep your home toasty without the investment of central heating, these devices can be very dangerous. Therefore, we’re sharing the safety dangers of space heaters before the cold comes in.

Flammable Material

One of the biggest safety dangers of space heaters is how easily they can start a house fire. In fact, space heaters are responsible for 44% of home fires. If you’re wondering how this happens, we have two words for you: flammable material. Far too many people do not give space heaters the room they need. The general rule is to keep space heaters three feet from anything flammable. This includes blankets, bedding, clothing, curtains, and carpet. If you must use a space heater, make sure to keep it at least three feet away from your bed, couch, or anything that could catch fire.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

While electric space heaters do not pose any risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, you’ll want to be incredibly diligent if you have a fuel burning space heater. If you were to run a fuel burning space heater in an enclosed space—like a bedroom—it could easily lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. When running a space heater of any kind, electric or fuel burning, be sure to test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These detectors could save your life.

Circuit Overload

Space heaters need a lot of power, there’s no way around it. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work well with most residential wall outlets. Space heaters need dedicated circuit, not a general one. It’s incredibly easy to overload your circuits by plugging a space heater directly into the wall, using a surge protected power strip, or a three-prong extension cord. If a space heater were to overload a circuit it could “blow a fuse” or lead to an electrical fire.

Unattended Consequences

Perhaps the biggest safety danger of space heaters is what happens when you leave them unattended. Homeowners don’t want to turn off the space heater when they get up to answer a call or grab something from the kitchen, but that’s when the appliance can be easily knocked over by a wayward child or animal. Even if you are around to supervise, children and space heaters should not be in the same room as each other. Children moving a space heater or playing with its buttons pose significant fire and safety risks.

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