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Antelope is something of a phoenix risen from the ashes. The town was all but wiped off the map in 1973 when a train loaded with bombs bound for Vietnam ignited and set off a chain reaction of explosions that lasted 32 hours. The bizarre accident completely leveled Antelope, though miraculously no one was killed. Four decades later, and Antelope is a thriving community of more than 45,000 people.

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Parklands now dot the community from top to bottom. This is a family town, and when you get around the neighborhoods like we do on our HVAC rounds, you notice just how many yards are hosting the games of young children. You see those same families out to lunch and dinner in and around Elverta Rd all the time, and it makes you proud of how far this town has come.

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One of the best ways you can create the family neighborhood feeling Antelope has is to open up your home to the world with the right kind of windows. Bell Brothers are experts in installing double pane windows that let in natural light while keeping out the summer heat and winter cold. Call us for a free window replacement quote, and we’ll show you what a difference double pane glass can make.