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Hi there, we’re Bell Bros, your local HVAC & Plumbing professional. Folsom is more than a Johnny Cash song or a commuter community. Rich with history, Folsom has changed and adapted with the times. Yes, there’s a famous prison–but there’s also deep Chinese-American history, a tradition of supplying power to the region, a beautiful lake, great schools, and lots to do in your free time!

Whether you work at Intel or make the drive into the city, you probably don’t want to spend that free time dealing with HVAC or plumbing issues. For those, you’ve got Bell Bros – your local contractor who shows up on time and works quickly and efficiently. We’ve been serving the community here in Folsom for years, and we’d be happy to help you as well.

This page is here to help you get to know us a bit better as a company, and our two core services – plumbing and HVAC. Let’s dive right in.

Bell Bros for Your Indoor & Outdoor Plumbing Needs

For close to thirty years, we’ve been helping ensure this areas residential plumbing system works smoothly for our customers – come rain, sleet, scorching sun, or snow. You can call on Bell Bros for transparent quotes, locally-focused pricing (No Zip Code Pricing), and friendly service.

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing Repairs
  • Plumbing Replacements
  • Plumbing Installations
  • Leak Detection & Repair
  • Plumbing Remodels & Repiping
  • Emergency Plumbing; Sewers, Drains   Disposals
  • And More!

Before moving on to our HVAC services, please understand, we don’t employ HVAC professionals who do ‘some plumbing’ on the side. Both our HVAC technicians and Plumbers are without doubt extremely experienced and talented.

Professional, Quick, & Effective HVAC Services

Folsom is a great town, but summers in the Valley can be killer! We keep your home cool during August heat, and we make sure your furnace is good-to-go when it gets chilly. No matter what you need done, our HVAC services are comprehensive. Let’s go through a handful.

  • HVAC Diagnostics: Mysterious HVAC problems are easy for our guys to figure out, and we give you a straight price that won’t change after we’ve done the work.
  • Installs Done Right: Equipment installation is best left to the pros, and nobody does it like us. We’’ also ensure you’re covered with one of the best installer’s warranties in the business. There’s no way we would still be in business without it after all these years.
  • Folsom HVAC Service: Again, comprehensive. There’s really nothing within the industry our techs aren’t familiar with. We built our own state-of-the-art training facility to ensure it. Bell Bros techs come prepared, highly-trained, background-checked and the whole nine
  • Furnace Tune-Ups: Do you know if your heating system is ready for this year’s winter? If you don’t know, or, if you’re already sure it’s not quite where it needs to be, have our techs conduct a 30-point comprehensive furnace tune-up. Then you’ll be good to go!
  • Taking Care of You Plumbing Needs: We bring the same attention to detail and hard work to your plumbing issues as we do to HVAC. The next time you have a plumbing problem, big or small, give us a call!

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Like the rest of the Central Valley, Folsom has been coming to us for decades with its unique HVAC and plumbing needs. We’re always happy to help folks in town get their systems installed, serviced, or repaired. If you’re ready to join the Bell Bros family, it’s as easy as getting in touch with us online or giving us a call. See what our “No Surprise” service is really all about!