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Good day to you neighbor, and welcome to the Bell Brother’s website – we’re your local ‘HVAC + Plumbing & More’ homecare service provider for the Franklin, CA area. We know full-well that Franklin is one of those special places where everyone knows your name, so it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Most of the 60 or so households in town are home to families, and most of those families have generational connections to the area. Life is centered on Franklin Boulevard, where you’ll get a good sense of the town’s family-first philosophy at the all-ages bar and restaurant, the Centennial Ranch, and the roller rink that’s been in operation since the before the Bells Brothers were born.

On this page you can get to know us better and see what we have to offer. If, on the other hand you already know you’d like to work with us, use the button below to contact our team.

Let’s begin with the core services and benefits of our long-standing company here in The Valley.

Bell Bros: High-Standard Franklin HVAC, Plumbing, & More

We adore how the town’s population is gathered into a small community to the east of the boulevard. And how you get a hint of Sacramento County’s place as a source of prehistoric discoveries as you drive around streets like Mastodon Way, Fossil Way, and Ice Age Way.

Those names always give our HVAC techs and company Plumbers a chance to make the old “wear a sweater” gag when someone’s got a job on Glacial Way.

  • Comprehensive Franklin HVAC Service: Bell Bros are your dependable long-term partner in attending to the HVAC needs of your home. This of course includes full-service HVAC repairs, ongoing preventative maintenance and tune-ups, and new AC and Furnace unit installations. We offer professional work, timely solutions, and friendly service.
  • Full Residential Plumbing Services: Along with HVAC we can handle just about any indoor or outdoor residential plumbing project. Whether it’s something simple like clogged drains, toilet clogs, leaky faucets, piping problems, or even sewer issues, we can help!
  • Decades of Local History: We’re extremely proud of our company’s history in the Franklin area and across the Greater Sacramento Valley. Most companies in our line of work are lucky to make it five years, or even ten on the high side. After three decades, we feel blessed and fortunate to have such an amazing customer base and region to serve.
  • Real Written Guarantees: Bell Brothers offer eight solid guarantees that cover every aspect of our work. This is another primary reason we’re a popular choice, because we stand by them and you can relax with true peace of mind knowing these critical systems – HVAC & Plumbing – are in experienced local professional hands.
  • Community-Centered Focus: If you haven’t heard of it already, see how we go the extra mile to server communities through homeowners and local charities. We call it our Good Deeds for FreeTM Program. From taking out your garbage after assessing your AC, to donating our time to local charities, we’re more than just another company around here.

Get Consistent High-Quality Results & Financing Options

Franklin is a great town, but summers in the Valley can be killer! We keep your home cool during August heat, and we make sure your furnace is good-to-go when it gets chilly. No matter what you need done, our services are comprehensive and numerous.

Worried about our pricing and costs? Don’t be, not only are we able to work with you to find the absolute picture-perfect solution to suit your needs and your home, but we can offer financing as well. The application process is quick and painless (doesn’t hurt your credit score), and there are affordable payment options to accommodate the vast majority of budgets we see in the Franklin area.

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Water conservation has become an important part of life in Sacramento County. Bell Brothers understands that today’s homes need to be efficient, as well as comfortable. Our expert team of plumbers can help you conserve water and save money, while getting HVAC service that meets the highest standards. We’re here for you, around the clock, 365. Franklin homeowners have nothing to lose, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.