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Good day to you neighbor, and welcome to the Bell Bros website – we’ve been providing HVAC Services, Plumbing Services and more to Gold River and across Sacramento County for about three decades now.

If you’re experiencing an HVAC or Plumbing-related problem, or need home maintenance help pronto, don’t hesitate to reach out using the button below. Otherwise, continue reading. We created this page to help local homeowners in the Gold River, CA area quickly get to know us better and discover what we offer.

Everything about Gold River has been meticulously planned—the town is made up of 25 distinct villages, each with their own charm. There are homes of all types available so residents can move from single occupant townhouses to two-bedroom family units and larger family homes, and on to retirement condos, as their needs evolve. It means you can roll with the changes life brings, without having to uproot your kids from school, change your daily commute, or lose touch with the community you’ve grown up with.

That said, let’s look at some core benefits you can look forward to with Bell Bros.

Bell Bros: Impeccable Solutions & Quality Home Care

Gold River is shaded by more than 200,000 trees, and crisscrossed with more than 5 miles of nature trails. It’s enough to make us wish we didn’t pack so much hardware into our home HVAC assessment trucks, so we could simply stroll to each job.

  • Full-Service Gold River HVAC Service: Whether you need emergency or standard repairs, preventative maintenance, or full new AC or Furnace unit installs, consider Bell Bros your go-to resource. Our techs are extremely well-vetted, experienced, and professional.
  • Comprehensive Residential Gold River Plumbing: Same goes for this critical homecare service, there’s almost nothing our professional plumbers can’t do in terms of indoor and outdoor residential plumbing systems. Impeccable work, prompt service, and full guarantees.
  • Extensive History & Staying Power: It’s good to know you’re dealing with a long-standing HVAC & Plumbing company who’s been in business for 30 years (most make it 5). We have a small army of customers that go back 10+ years, so ask them how well we’ve covered their systems. And we do plan on being here for another 30.
  • Genuine Guarantees: By all means take a moment to look at all 9 of our rock-solid guarantees. Most know us by our core ‘No Surprises Guarantee’ but there’s much more covering everything we do so that our customers can rest easy with true peace of mind.
  • Going The Extra Mile: Another great part of our business locals adore is our Good Deeds For Free™ program. What is it? It just means you can ask your Bell Bro tech or plumber to help with other good deeds around your home like taking out the trash, moving heavy boxes, sweeping up the garage, fixing the doorbell, etc. It’s our pleasure indeed.

Big City Service with Small-Town Gold River Charm

Small communities like Gold River need contractors who know them, and know what suits their homes. Bell Brothers has been serving the area as a family-run business since the early 1990s, and offers the kind of genuine connection you won’t get from out-of-towners.

Not only are we the No Surprise Guys in that there’s no HVAC or Plumbing-related issue we haven’t seen before, but you won’t get any surprises either. Your price won’t change halfway through the project and you won’t be surprised by any high-pressure sales or nonsense.

Get Gold River HVAC Service and Plumbing Help Today | Schedule with Bell Bros

Gold River homeowners have nothing to lose by contacting Bell Bros, but remember, you never have to take our word for it alone. We have over four thousands reviews for you to browse, or just go ahead and give us a call today to see we’re exactly as advertised. Consider Bell Bros your go-to for professional Gold River HVAC service and plumbing help.