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Everything about this place has been meticulously planned—the town is made up of 25 distinct villages, each with their own charm. There are homes of all types available so that residents can move from single occupant townhouses to two-bedroom family units and large family homes, and on to retirement condos, as their needs change. It means you can roll with the changes life brings, without having to uproot your kids from school, change your daily commute, or lose touch with the community you’ve grown up with.

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And, all this planning includes provision for some lovely greenery. Gold River is shaded by more than 200,000 trees, and crisscrossed with more than 5 miles of nature trails. It’s enough to make us wish we didn’t pack so much hardware into our home HVAC assessment trucks, so we could simply stroll to each job.

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Small communities like Gold River need contractors who know them, and know what will suit their home and surrounds. Bell Brothers has been serving the area as a family-run business since the early 90s, and offers the kind of genuine connection you won’t find in out-of-towners. The “no surprise” mantra means the price you’re quoted is always the price you’ll pay.

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From furnace replacements to solar panel installations, plumbing repairs and energy efficient window upgrades, each of the Bell Brothers services is designed to ensure your home stays a cozy sanctuary for your family.

Your community is our community. Schedule a free in-house estimate today for your heating, cooling, and window replacements needs. We guarantee our service techs will treat you like a valued neighbor. After all, that’s exactly what you are.