Energy Efficient Air Conditioners – What to Look For

It’s hot outside and inside and you’re looking for an air conditioner. Energy efficient air conditioners are really what you’re looking for because while you want to be comfortable you also want to be kind to the environment. Central air conditioners can be surprisingly energy efficient air conditioners and should definitely be on your list of units to review before making your choice.

What should you do when looking for an energy efficient air conditioner?

1 – Look at the EER Rating

EER or Energy Efficiency Rating is a score that is given in order to indicate how energy efficient something is, in this case an air conditioner. Ideally you should be looking for an EER rating in excess of 11 points as this indicates an ideal level of energy efficiency. What does this mean for you? The higher the EER rating the better the unit will operate even in extreme temperatures. A variation of the EER rating is a SEER rating, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and indicates how efficient the unit is depending on seasonal weather conditions.

2 – Find out what it is made of

It might sound a little simplistic but the parts can really make a difference when it comes to energy efficient air conditioners. Different types of parts can handle the speed of the fan and other operations of the unit, enabling it to do more work with less energy. This is good news for anyone looking to escape the summer heat and not rack up a huge electric bill! Knowing the components of energy efficient air conditioners will also help you know what kind of repair company to talk to if something goes wrong with your unit.

3 – Know your own needs

To put it simply, you will need to be aware of the size of the area you want to use energy efficient air conditioners to cool and select the right one based on that number. If you choose a unit that is not large enough it will have to work overtime just to try to keep your space cool enough which can increase your energy bills and decrease the energy efficiency benefits of the unit itself. A unit that is too large can also have trouble operating correctly and may not remove all of the humidity from the air it processes. This can lead to troubles with mold and mildew which no one wants to deal with.

These are some of the most important things to consider when you have a range of energy efficient air conditioners to choose between. Many local companies will be able to work with energy efficient air conditioners and their accessories, so as long as you can find a licensed contractor you should be able to have repairs done if something should go wrong.

While the typical air conditioner can last for over twenty years there is always the chance that your current unit will not last even that long. If you are considering replacing your unit there are a lot of different models of energy efficient air conditioners to choose from! Take your time and make the best selection for your home and you will see a reduced energy bill in your mailbox every month for many years to come.