What’s the Cost To Replace an Air Conditioner?

During the summer months it can be difficult to image life without some form of air conditioning. The cost to replace an air conditioner can vary widely; if there is an existing system in place, the cost to replace air conditioner units would only be a few thousand dollars. If new ductwork is needed, or other parts need to be added or replaced costs will start to increase. Having the total cost to replace air conditioner systems will vary depending on the Sear rating of the unit. It isn’t entirely unheard of if new ducts need to be installed to increase efficiency of your Air Conditioner. Keep in mind that these are only average rates, the rates for your project will vary based on factors such as location, supply, and demand of the contractor and system you choose.

Split System Air Conditioners

The majority of air conditioner systems are known as split system, allowing for the louder portion of the system to be located outside of the building and then have the cold coil portion (which handles the air) located somewhere inside. Because of the needs of these systems, functioning and appropriate ductwork will be needed. If your home already has a pre-existing system you may be able to get by with minimal work in this area and keep your total cost for replacing air conditioner systems down.

Air Conditioning Costs: Installation and Warranty’s

Like other appliances and home care systems, the cost to replace air conditioner units is not only limited to the material and equipment costs, but also includes day of installation operating costs. Some contractor and companies provide a low cost price for your Air Conditioner Unit but may have a large labor cost in the fine print. Bell Brothers Installation teams are constantly training on how to be efficient and accurate while installing reducing the cost of labor that will be included in the total price. Post installation, it is a good idea to invest in a yearly maintenance package for the first 5 years or so after installation elongating the life of your new system and maintaining the terms of your new warranty. This can also be a great way to keep costs low and perhaps saving you $1,000 in utility costs over the next 5 years.

Air Conditioning Costs: Brands

The total cost to replace air conditioning systems can also depend on the brand name of the unit you choose as a replacement. Especially if you plan on selling your home in the next few years it is important to choose a brand name that is well-known for quality. You may think these units will cost more but in reality over the years brands have leveled in terms of cost. We have established relationships with almost every dealer giving us a buying advantage and being able to pass those savings on to our clients. Certain brands may or may not help increase the value of your home as well. Bell Brothers services all makes and models and has access to many brands including Ruud, Rheem, Carrier, Trane, Lennox, American Standard, Bryant, Fujitsu, Goodman, York, and many more.

Air Conditioning Costs: Contractors

The cost to replace air conditioners is not limited to the costs associated with the unit itself. Other costs include labor of the contractor or company who is doing the installation. The amount of these things will be different and vary from business to business. Some things to look for are financing options the contractor has established with local banks, longevity of business license, and online reviews like Google Places, Yahoo, Superpages, City search or Angie’s List. As long as you are a smart and savvy shopper and make sure to do your homework you should be able to make a sound decision based on cost, reputation, and establish a relationship the right contractor. When you think Heating and Air Conditioning, think Bell brothers!